24. Februar 2023 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „Home“ by Peter Peake | an Aardman and Save the Children UK short film

To mark the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, Academy Award®-winning animation studio Aardman and international children’s charity Save the Children are releasing Home, a short film to highlight the experience of refugee children around the world.

Inspired by the real stories of children we work with, Home is a lovely, heartwarming film that uses animated characters to tell a story about how child refugees feel and what it’s like to be away from home. It also celebrates the possibilities for children welcoming new refugee friends and learning about different cultures.

Peter Lord CBE, Co-founder and Creative Director at Aardman, said:

“Animation is an amazing medium for expressing ideas that would otherwise be difficult to communicate. At Aardman we believed that we had the expertise to help tell these stories in a way that would be sensitive, accessible, and relatable for children all around the world.  It was also vital that the film we created would share the right messages, address a genuine need, and help as many children as possible. We approached Save the Children to help us with these aspects, and to keep us on the right track and we were absolutely delighted with the collaboration.”

As is the case in several of Aardman’s most beloved productions – from Shaun the Sheep to Morph – the story is told without using dialogue, which means its message is accessible to children and adults of all ages, everywhere. It transcends language barriers to show how we can extend a hand of friendship to people who find themselves in a strange new place and how much richer our world becomes when everyone feels welcome.

The film’s director Peter Peake, commented:

“Our film was created as a specific response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, but it aims to help all children displaced from their homes due to war, famine and persecution. Working with Save the Children, we learnt what difficulties children face when trying to settle in a new country. Ultimately, we hope the film encourages children everywhere to empathize with some of their peers who might be going through that experience and to know the impact they can have by making someone feel welcome”


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