30. Mai 2020 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „L’après-midi de Clémence“ von Lénaïg Le Moigne

Clémence and her parents participate to a big country picnic. Arriving late, Clemence joins the other children who are already playing away from adults, but everything does not happen in the good mood expected.

This movie was selected and mentioned for several festivals: GLAS Animation Festival, special mention from Jonanthan Hodgson Gig Harbor Film Festival BIAF- Bucheon International Animation Festival Festival National du film d’Animation à Bruz-Rennes

Animation: Lénaïg Le Moigne

Script : Lénaïg Le Moigne

Set : Clémentine Campos

Image : Lénaïg Le Moigne

Film Editor : Lénaïg Le Moigne

Sound engineer : Guillaume David

Mix : Adrien Martre

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