10. Juli 2020 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „The Gigantic Change“ by Extinction Rebellion & Passion Pictures

Extinction Rebellion – The Gigantic Change from Passion Animation Studios on Vimeo.

A grandmother reads her grandchild a story called ‘The Gigantic Change’. The story of how, back in 2020, when the world was on the brink of collapse, humanity came together and worked harder than ever to save the environment.

Statistical correction:
It has come to light that the statistic referenced at 02:33 in the film is from a scientific paper which is now outdated. Instead of ‚almost half of all species on Earth will be extinct’, a more accurate current estimate is ‚up to 1 million more species could be extinct, due to human activity’.


Grandmother – Whoopi Goldberg
Granddaughter – Livia Nelson
Directors – George Lewin & Nicola Jane Francis
Story – George Lewin
Screenplay – Nicola Jane Francis & Josh Hughes
Producer – Serena Schellenberg
Executive Producer – Belle Palmer at Passion Pictures
Designer & Animator – Nicola Jane Francis
Sound Design – Chris Banks
Music – Simon Chamberlain
Casting Director – Nicci Topping Casting CSA
Livia Nelson Represented by Creative kidz and Co
VO Record – Factory Studios
Partnership Consultant – Sarah Greenfield Clark

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