6. Februar 2023 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „The Meeps – Love Louder (Official Music Video)“ by Olivier Staphylas – Created by Simon Fuller

Olivier Staphylas wrote:

I’m so proud to finally share with you the music video Love Louder I directed for The Meeps. It was such a passion project for me and a huge honor to be entrusted with creating The Meeps characters and this first chapter of The Meeps world. ✨

Thank you Simon Fuller for allowing me to take your original concept and letting me create fresh and original characters who can sing and dance! I’d also like to thank my producer, Michelle Jurado Staphylas for her unconditional support as well as all the incredibly talented artists that worked with us on this production! Special shout out to my Production Designer, Avner Geller, whose talent and support were essential in bringing The Meeps to life.

Thank you to the whole team at 2 OAKS PRODUCTIONS for everything. Thank you to Leo Sanchez Barbosa for being by my side throughout the whole process in creating these gorgeous characters. Thank you to agora.studio for the Character Animation services. And thank you to Brazen Animation for the Production services. I couldn’t be prouder of everyone’s hard work! 💪🤩

Enjoy the MEEPS today on YouTube!
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Directed by Olivier Staphylas

Created by Simon Fuller

Produced by Michelle Jurado Staphylas, Varunee Santa Executive Producers: Simon Fuller, Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Splash Entertainment LLC, Liz Young, Mike Young, Steven Rosen, Bhakbhume Tanta-Nanta, Ekkasitha Chalermrattawongz Producers: Kim Fuller, Krit Ngaosri Music Written & Produced by Emile Ghantous, Lance Tolbert, Sameer Agrawal & Keith Hetrick Mixed by Rob Chiarelli Mastered by Michelle Mancini Music Supervisor Iain Pirie Choreography by Nicky Andersen Assistant Choreographer: Alfa Bebber Dancers: Mackenzie – Laura Thanning Axel – Nicky Andersen Rafael – Nicklas Milling Brandon – Luc Boris André Jazz – Helene Duch Kjaer Cast Axel: Lamar Morris Martin: Joshua Jackson

Pre-Production Services Provided by 2 OAKS PRODUCTIONS Production Designer: Avner Geller Editor: Olivier Staphylas Associate Producer: Sumit Verma Production Coordinator: Nila Sudheendran Character Designer: Wiebke Rauers Additional Character Designers: Jorge Capote, Axel de Lafforest Visual Development Artist: Thomas Lépine, Chloé Dumoulin Storyboard Artist: Gabriele Pennacchioli, Erik Lechtenberg Moroni Animators: Ketan Shankar Adhikari, TungChing Neil Chia, Nicolas Chauvelot 3D

Character Creation Provided by LEO SANCHEZ STUDIO CG Character Supervision: Leo Sánchez Barbosa Producer: Manolo Sanchez Production Supervisor: Lourdes Villagómez Additional Design: Franco Spagnolo, Pierre Perifel Modeling: Juan Solís, Javier Pedreño, Jose Augusto Rodríguez, Daniel Moreno, David Díaz , Luis Gómez Guzmán Rigging Supervisor: Miquel Campos Character TDs : Inés Jiménez, María Lodeiro, Juan Muñoz, Ignacio Santalla, Iván Luque Additional Animation – Raphael Sousa Grooming: Aritz Berakoetxea, Jonatan Catalan Surfacing: Patricia Moya Cloth: Diego Muñoz Lighting: Eva Mateo, Jorge Martin 3D Tech Support: José María Tejeda Production Assistant: Character TD – Ellis Rivera Animation Services Provided by AGORA Studios Head of Animation (Agora): Jacob Gardner Lead Animator: Raphaela Burdis Production Manager: Maria Casas Andreu Animation: Nathan Brown, Fernando García-Sotoca, TungChing Neil Chia, Stephen Orsini, Eric Drobile, Cesc Pujol Font, Alistair Hopkins, Renato Sena, Fraser Littlejohn, Stalin Ranjith Selvanayagam

Production Studio Services Provided by BRAZEN Animation VP of Production: Marc Matthews Executive Producer: Greg Lyons Production Manager: Zhenya Kolpakova Production Manager: Andrew Gotham Digital Supervisor: Connon Carey Associate Creative Director: Greg Rizzi Modeling Supervisor: Felipe Bassi Technical Supervisor: Josh Carey Lighting Lead: Jessica Hogan Lighting Lead: Ethan Crossno Editor: Ahren Shaw Production Coordinator: Corrine Harrington Production Coordinator: Adam Uthoff Production Assistant: Nic Diaz Additional Crew: Fazil Ahmed, Emily Greenwood, Meghann Robison, Jere Baker, Zane Hedges, Tarkan Sarim, Evan Balster, Doug Hogan, Alessio Sciancalepore, Elizabeth Boyd, Megan Hopper, Nick Shirsty, Jay Chen, Salvador López Jurado, Stim Studio, Jee-Sung Cho, Casey Kreft, Kevin Taylor, Abbie Collins, Sean Langford, Khoi Tran, Dennis Cornetta, Josh Lee, Glen Victor, Quimet Delgado, Will Leonard, Ognjen Vukovic, Josh Delarosa, Abby Leenhouts, Shane Wapskineh, Erin Estep, Scott McCullough, Kenneth Weide, Bryce Gattis, Ashish Nimat, Katie Woods, Marisol Gladding, Chris Osbrink, Sky Young, Felipe Gonzalez, Kunal Parui, Daniel Zinck, Meghan Grayson, Nick Prange

Post Production Services Provided by TITRA STUDIOS Final Mix: Guillaume Tibi Color Grading: Grégoire Lesturgie Mastering: Antony Block, Benoit Lubineau and David Borens Post Production Manager: François-Pascal Iweins SPECIAL THANKS Peerapol Treelertkul Preawpan Soonsinbhai Phenprakay Ratchanikul Maetus Chinnapha Patcha Arpawuttichai

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