18. Januar 2018 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „Trolla-Palooza Tour“ Short | TROLLS

All aboard. Let’s get this holiday show on the road. Just as Queen Poppy and Cloud Guy take the Snack Pack on their latest musical tour, Branch finds out he might just have to share the spotlight with some unexpected talent… Be sure to tune into the upcoming Trolls Holiday! Airing on NBC Friday, November 24th. When the eternally optimistic Poppy, queen of the Trolls, learns that the Bergens no longer have any holidays on their calendar, she enlists the help of Bridget, her new mismatched bestie, and the rest of the gang on a delightfully quirky mission to fix something that the Bergens don’t think is broken. Can’t stop the music when DreamWorks’ Trolls Holiday arrives in time for Holiday 2017.


Anna Kendrick – POPPY Justin Timberlake – BRANCH Zooey Deschanel – BRIDGET Christopher Mintz-Plasse – KING GRISTLE, JR. James Corden – BIGGIE Ron Funches – COOPER Caroline Hjelt – CHENILLE Aino Jawo – SATIN Kunal Nayyar – GUY DIAMOND Walt Dohrn – CLOUD GUY, SMIDGE & FUZZBERT Kevin Michael Richardson – NARRATOR

Director: Joel Crawford

Writer: Josh Bycel & Jonathan Fener

Exec Producer: Gina Shay, Walt Dohrn

Producer: Holly Edwards


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