19. März 2020 Johannes Wolters

The Art of Animation: “Klaus”- Webinar-Registrierung

20.Mär.2020 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (USA und Kanada)

The Art of Animation: “Klaus”

“Klaus” marks an important milestone in animation history! It is inspired by over 100 years of legacy storytelling and animation knowledge and takes advantage of modern tools and techniques to help craft a uniquely designed cinematic experience.

We are happy to present 3 animators from the incredible team who helped create a resurgent interest in 2D feature animation with the Oscar Nominated movie “Klaus”: Simone Cirillo, Cécile Carre and Giovanni Braggio.

These artists will give us a fresh view of some of the major innovations and challenges that faced the team’s efforts to revive and elevate the art form of 2D animation.

20.Mär.2020 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (USA und Kanada)


Simone Cirillo
Animator @SPA Studios
Simone Cirillo studied animation in Turin (Italy) graduating in 2017 and immediately started his career working on the TV show The Amazing World of Gumball (Season 6) by Cartoon Network. He moved to Madrid in 2018 to work at The SPA Studios on Klaus produced by Netflix. Drawing has always been a big part of his life and he has always been a big fan of animation.

Cécile Carre
Animator @SPA Studio
Cécile Carre is a French artist working in the animation industry. She has worked as a storyboard artist and then later as a 2D animator on Klaus at The SPA Studios after she graduated from Gobelins in 2017. She has also done visual development on several commercials and feature film projects.

Giovanni Braggio
Animator @Freelance
Giovanni Braggio was born in Reggio Calabria in 1983. He has a degree in Graphics and Multimedia with a specialization in 2D animation, 3D animation, and comic books. As a 2D and 3D animator, he has worked for several international studios such as Sergio Pablos Animation, Cartoon Network, Passion Pictures, Red Knuckles and Nørlum on movies like Klaus, Tout en Haut du Monde, and Giallo a Milano, and television such as The Amazing World of Gumball. He has freelanced many years for short movies and commercials while developing a few personal works like Animation tutorial part.1 AKA the Secret of Animation, and Cthupid. Giovanni has lived in the UK, Denmark, Portugal, and Spain. At the moment he lives in Rome working as a freelancer.

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