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The Metaverse is Here! – RealTime Conference December 13-15, 2021

Save the date!

Join real-time experts from around the globe at the next

RealTime Conference, December 13-15, 2021.

  • top-level talks

  • targeted networking

  • unparallelled discovery: new technologies, new products, new partners and new ways of working.

Registration opens November 15: free to attend, but registration required.


RealTime Conference (RTC) brings creators and implementers from across industries together to explore what’s new and what’s next in the real-time technologies and applications that are rapidly changing the way we work, live and play. Be on the vanguard; be a part of it.


In December, RTC explores the theme of Populating the Metaverse. For years, visionaries have imagined being able to work, play and connect in real-time in shared virtual spaces; now tools and technologies can make that a reality. But what will fill that space?

Discover how Digital Fashion is integral to the future of the Metaverse; How digital characters and environments in live broadcast enable a new kind of storytelling; How cloud technology allows optimal user navigation and interaction in the metaverse; How NFTs exchange goods and services in the digital world; How increases in conversion rate and a smaller number of returns can be achieved in the metaverse via real-time 3D technology, including 3D on the Web and Augmented Reality; and much, much more.


Come to RTC December 2021

…and discover what’s new and what’s next in:

– Avatars | Telepresence | Volumetric Capture
– Digital Fashion: Dressing the Metaverse
– Direction of Metaverse Infrastructures
– Impact of Real-Time on Animation
– Impact of Real-Time on Broadcast
– Location Based Entertainment
– NFTs
– Populating the Metaverse One Standard at a Time
– Real-Time in the Cloud | Edge Computing
– Real-time Narrative: The New Independent Scene
– Retail & 3D Commerce
– Tools to Develop the Future
– Training and Simulation
– Virtual Production & LED Stages
– and more

Welcome our New Partners

RTC is excited to welcome Adobe, DNEG, Pixar | Renderman as new partners for our December event.

Join them as well as our longtime sponsors:

Unreal | Epic Games, Foundry, Khronos Group, NVIDIA, VES, Z by HP, and more, for a unique opportunity to showcase your work and meet, network, collaborate, and conduct business with key decision makers.

The RTC team is dedicated to helping you create the promotional opportunity that suits your company goals.

partners for our December event.

Key figures

48-hour show, live and in real-time
16,434 total RTC attendance

  • 86% Professionals

  • 82% Decisions makers

  • 64% Executive / Management

  • 58% Have been working in their industry for more than 10 years

  • 92% will include real-time solutions in their processes, products or services in the next 2-3 years.

  • 99% of attendees recommend RTC to friends and colleagues!

Check our RTC @ a glance

Contact partner@realtimeconference.com


Meet our New Advisory Board Members

RTC is humbled to welcome

Roy C. Anthony

Roy C. Anthony

Roy C. Anthony, Global Head of Research at DNEG

Molly Connolly

Molly Connolly

Molly Connolly, Director, Strategic Alliances at Dell Technologies

Jeff Kember

Jeff Kember

Jeff Kember, Creative Technologist – Developer Relations at NVIDIA

Oliver Meiseberg

Oliver Meiseberg

Oliver Meiseberg, Vice President Renderman at Pixar Animation Studios

See you December 13-15, at this unique gathering of the real-time communities across industries, and accelerate real-time’s exponential growth.

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