The Year of 2021 in the Film Industry: Will the Economic Impact Last at Long Term?

In May 2022, the #marchedufilm of the #festivaldecannes was pleased to introduce a conference in partnership with the European Audiovisual Observatory to analyze and discuss the ongoing developments in the film sector.

Gilles Fontaine, Head of the Observatory’s’ Department for Market Information and Deputy Head Martin Kanzler talked key trends with Agora Films CEO Laurent Dutoit, Svenska Bio Founder & Director Peter Fornstam and GFM Animation Director Michael Ryan at a round table discussion.

This conference aimed to give a one-stop shop focus on the main key trends in the international film sector. The session was designed as an “all you need to know” event in a short format panel where key players from the film industry were invited to look at the latest trends in cinema attendance, film production & distribution, and streaming. The conference was developed in partnership with the European Audiovisual Observatory.

A conversation animated by Gilles Fontaine, Head of Department for Market Information at European Audiovisual Observatory and Martin Kanzler, Deputy Head Department for Market Information of the same institution.


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