Trailer: Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko / La chance sourit à madame Nikuko

Nikuko est une mère célibataire bien en chair et fière de l’être, tout en désir et joie de vivre – un véritable outrage à la culture patriarcale japonaise ! Elle aime bien manger, plaisanter, et a un faible pour des hommes qui n’en valent pas toujours la peine. Après avoir ballotté sa fille Kikurin la moitié de sa vie, elle s’installe dans un petit village de pêcheurs et trouve un travail dans un restaurant traditionnel. Kikurin ne veut pas ressembler à sa mère et ses relations avec Nikuko ne sont pas toujours simples. Jusqu’au jour où ressurgit un secret du passé.
Nikuko is a brash, jolly, scattered, and passionate woman in an otherwise sleepy seaside town in northern Japan. She’s also the single mother of 11-year-old Kikuko, who is her opposite in many ways. Kikuko is a string-bean of a young girl, pensive, quietly curious, and methodical in how she approaches life in this small harbor town. Nikuko embarrasses Kikuko as any mom of a preteen would, but Nikuko’s bold spirit makes her especially well-known in a town where Kikuko herself wants nothing more than to simply blend in. As Kikuko navigates the everyday social dramas of middle school, enhanced with touches of magical realism from her ever-present imagination, a shocking revelation from the past threatens to uproot the pair’s tender relationship.

Montreal: The Sommets du cinéma d’animation unveil today the opening and closing films of their 20th edition which will be held from May 10 to 15 at the Cinémathèque québécoise. The biggest animation event in Quebec will be closing on Sunday, May 15, with the presentation of the joyful and touching FORTUNE FAVORS LADY NIKUKO by Japanese director Ayumu Watanabe, which was included in the official selection of the 2021 Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Having received numerous awards and distinctions since its release, including the Award of Excellence at the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival, the feature film is based on the homonymous novel by Kanako Nishi.

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