16. Januar 2018 Johannes Wolters

Workshop: Get Job Done von Ferdinand Engländer und Ännie Habermehl, Animator Island

 Achtung: Wenn Ihr Euch anmeldet, gebt bei der Anmeldung „DeutscheAnimatoren“ an, damit bekommt Ihr eine 50,- Euro Ermäßigung!

Do you want to create a fantastic shot for your demoreel to really impress a studio?

Or do you have an idea that you always wanted to animate?

Start 2018 by creating your best animation yet! Learn how to polish your concept, acting and animation in this exclusive workshop.

6 online meetings over the course of 4 weeks starting February 3rd

What is Animator Island?

Animator Island is an animation community built to share tips, tricks, and everything there is to know about doing great animation. Our goal is to inspire you, dear artist, to reach new heights of movement, acting, and storytelling to propel the great medium of animation to exciting and brilliant new places.

Your Instructors

During the animation workshop two experienced animators will give you constant input and feedback. As your personal animation mentors  we help you to make your animation the best it can be:

Ferdinand Engländer
2D/3D animator & rigger (ToonBoom, Flash, Spine)
View his work
Ännie Habermehl
3D Character Animator (Maya)
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