#gamescom2017: gamescom award 2017: Jetzt mitmachen und gewinnen!

Der beliebteste Preis der europäischen Computer- und Videospielindustrie geht in die nächste Runde: Vom 3. Juli bis 4. August 2017 können sich angemeldete Aussteller der gamescom für den gamescom award 2017 bewerben. Eine internationale Jury vergibt in insgesamt 23 Kategorien die begehrte Auszeichnung. Wie bereits in den vergangenen Jahren können auch Spielefans aus aller Welt über die gamescom App für ihren Favoriten stimmen und damit beim gamescom Most Wanted Consumer Award mitbestimmen. Die feierliche Bekanntgabe der Gewinner des gamescom awards 2017 findet im Rahmen des weltweit größten Events für Computer- und Videospiele (22. bis 26. August 2017) statt: Am 24. August, 17:00 Uhr heißt es auf der social media stage in Halle 10.1: And the gamescom award 2017 goes to…“. Auch in diesem Jahr leitet die Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur das Award-Büro.

Der gamescom award zeichnet die besten Spiele und Produkte aus, die auf der gamescom der Öffentlichkeit gezeigt werden. In insgesamt 24 Kategorien können potenzielle Bewerber in diesem Jahr ins Rennen um den beliebten Preis gehen und haben damit gleich mehrfach die Chance einen gamescom award abzuräumen. Hier http://www.gamescom.de/gamescom/F%C3%BCr-Alle/events-und-veranstaltungen/gamescom-award/gamescom-award_fuer_alle.php geht es zu den Teilnahmebedingungen und Regularien sowie zur Übersicht der Kategorien.

gamescom award 2017: die Jury
Die Jury hat die Qual der Wahl − zunächst bei der Auswahl der Nominierten und dann bei der Festlegung der Gewinner. Denn auch in diesem Jahr sind viele spannende Einsendungen für den gamescom award 2017 zu erwarten. Nach Ablauf der Bewerbungsfrist (4. August 2017, 18 Uhr) wird die Jury aus allen Einsendungen die Nominierten auswählen. Basis für die Abstimmung der Konsumenten und damit den gamescom Most Wanted Consumer Award sind die Nominierten der Fachjury. Das Consumer-Voting startet am 21. August 2017 und endet am 23. August 2017 um 16:00 Uhr. Die Jury des gamescom awards setzt sich 2017 aus folgenden Vertretern deutscher und internationaler Medien-Unternehmen sowie Spiele-Communities zusammen:

Prof. Uke Bosse (Media Design Hochschule Berlin), Igor Boyko (Navigator Publishing), Christian Eßmeyer (Amazon), Wolfgang Fischer (PC Games), Manuel Fritsch (Insert Moin), Petra Fröhlich (GamesWirtschaft.de), Brendan Frye (CGMagazine), Andreas Garbe (ZDF), John Gaudiosi (Fortune), Heiko Gogolin (Rocket Beans TV), Tino Hahn (Ströer Media Brands), David Hain (BeHaind), Joachim Hesse (Chefredakteur „Gronkh“), Max Krüger (Frodoapparat), Bertram Küster (Bild.de), Simon Lim (ThisIsGame.com), René Meyer (Die Schreibfabrik), Florian Mundt (LeFloid), Sandro Odak (GameStar.de), Sebastian Ossowski (IGN Germany), Valentin Rahmel (Sarazar), Dennis Richtarski (Rocket Beans TV), Marco Accordi Rickards (GamesVillage.it), Fabian Siegismund (Battle Bros), Claudio Todeschini (TheGamesMachine.it).

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Animation Day in Cannes 2017

Heute in Cannes:

The objective of the Animation Day in Cannes is to facilitate the promotion of Animation during the Cannes Film Festival which does not traditionally offer a window for animators besides the likes of Pixar or Disney.

Animaze Daze in Cannes Competition

Animaze – Le Miaff and filmfestivals.com decided in 2015 to take on this mission and provide a place for networking, fun, and promotion.

In 2017 ADIC returned stronger, offering a comprehensive line up from 110 submitted shorts, features, VR projects  and scripts with a final selection of 29 shorts and features (Animaze Daze in Cannes competition) to 320 registered professionals in animation including 56 Buyers, 87  media…

Hier gehts zur Webseite  des Animation Day in Cannes 2017

Hier ein Einblick in einige der dort vorgestellten Projekte:

JUNOD by Shinichiro Kimura Japan, 76 minutes

A Swiss doctor arranged for the delivery of 15 tons of medicine and medical supplies to Hiroshima just after the atomic bomb was dropped on the city and personally treated the victims himself. That benefactor was Marcel Junod, head of the ICRC delegation in Japan. There is a monument to Dr. Junod in a corner of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, but, unfortunately, few people are aware of his selfless achievements.
As an ICRC delegate, Dr. Junod plunged ahead through a war-torn era and saved many precious lives without regard to nationality or race. Armed with know-how, courage, the ability to negotiate and, most of all, a love for humanity, he got through many hopeless situations. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of the idea for the Red Cross. We want to produce an animated film that will portray selfless love – the spirit of the Red Cross which Dr. Junod embodied – and his accomplishments and send from Hiroshima a „gift of love“ like that of Dr. Junod to as many people as possible.



The NEPHILIM story follows an atypical young priest, Father Markus, and four other warrior characters on a mission to save the world from a catastrophic ending. They deal with many individual obstacles, often clashing, until they arrive at defining moments when they must choose to work together to defeat an uprising evil. The series begins with the first signs of warfare evolving between good and evil. Set in modern times, two archangels, a determined priest, an ex-homicide detective and a resurrected spirit form an unlikely alliance, who unite to obstruct an upsurge of fallen angels and the termination of free will. The final battle was destined long ago when seeds of the initial race of Nehpilim were planted by Beshwa, the first fallen angel to mate with humans during the early days on earth. Now Father Markus must lead a war against the fallen angel, Azazel, who moves to release Beshwa from his shackles, to mate again, but this time with the Succubus, Semyaza, if a new race of Nephilim is to begin. If born, the Nephilim will prevail over all mortals, and wreak unmitigated havoc and unstoppable evil.



Lotte and the Lost Dragons

The scientists Karl the Raccoon and Victor the Fish arrive in Gadgetville. The scientists are participating in an important competition for collecting old folk songs. Their greatest dream is to record the song of the mythical fire-breathing dragons. Lotte and her little sister Roosi decide to go find the fire-breathing dragons. After several adventures, Lotte and Roosi find their way to the dragons. Surprises await them there.

The film will be completed for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia

© 2017 Eesti Joonisfilm / Rija Films
Running time 72 min


Bunuel in the Labyrinth of the TURTLES

THE GLOW ANIMATION STUDIO is located in Almendralejo, in the region of Extremadura in the Southwest of Spain.


Release From Heaven Showcase

In a war torn country, a female writer and teacher has to accompany two of her students on a life changing journey.

Ali Noori Oskouei Director

Majid Asoodegan Writer

Ali Noori Oskouei Producer

Seyed Vahid Olyaee Producer


The selection of films that will be showing at Animation Day in Cannes Discoveries may 23 at 1.30:


Selected films from Animaze Daze in Cannes competition to  Screen in Cannes Palais des Festivals may 23 1.30

The Art of Restraint and Cool Excuses Lauren Carr
Johanne Anna-Ester Volozh
Singing Hugo and His Incredible Adventures Vilnis Kalnaellis
The Bricks Anna Ostalskaya
Sophia Zsofia Opra-Szabo
When a Peeping Tom met a Kleptomaniac Yifei Wang
Un long baiser Gwendoline Gamboa
The night explorer Ilona marja Laine
Variations on Breathing Kate Vrijmoet
The Curse of Da Linzer Kristine Kreska
you got a problem Charles Mandracchia


Water For Gold Sandani Hiranya
The Last Footprint Louis Cacciuttolo
G.I. Hospital John Lewis

The competition is organised by the Animation Day in Cannes, produced by Animaze – Montreal International Animation Film Festivals and filmfestivals.com.


The Market Premiere of Animation Day in Cannes Discoveries includes two showcases preview of Nephilim by Gilbert Nash and  Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles by Salvador SIMÓ



Conclusion and Prize Winner of the 24th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated FilmStuttgart 2017:

24th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (May 2-7, 2017)
Animated Zeitgeist, that connects!

press release

Stuttgart, May 8, 2017 – The 24th International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) ended on 7th May with a  festive award ceremony. The program motto „Animation Without Borders“ has confirmed itself: this year’s program with connections of animated films, games, music, as well as virtual and augmented reality, inspired the audience and industry. The motto also made it clear that animation across borders can tell stories that reach and touch people.
„About 90,000 visitors were present in the cinemas, the open air on the Schlossplatz, the GameZone in the Kunstgebäude and the numerous other venues of the ITFS“, summarizes Dittmar Lumpp, ITFS Managing Director Organisation and Finance. This is an increase of 13% vompared to the previous year. „Especially on Fridays and Saturdays, the Open Air was very well attended. The many other guest venues such as the Mercedes Benz Museum, the Breuninger „Wall of Animation 2“, the Wilhelma or the Trickfilmlounge in the Gerber, were well attended and this shows that the ITFS also shows a radiation effect beyond the cinemas.

The GameZone as a symbol of this connection took place for the first time in the Kunstgebäude on 2,000 sqm. „The GameZone in the Kunstgebäude is a milestone. We want to set the example for the fact that the games area belongs to today’s art and culture scene. In conjunction with high-quality animations and future-oriented projects, it is a laboratory of the future. And best of all, everyone is welcome „, says Prof. Ulrich Wegenast, Managing Directore Programme of ITFS. And thus closes the arch to the popular open air. But the quality of the ITFS is also evident in the film program. „Sold out cinemas show us that the audience knows that there is a high-quality film programme to see. Trust in us has developed and consolidated over many years, „explains Dittmar Lumpp.

But also on the part of business and politics, it becomes clear what significance and synergies the different event formats ITFS and Animation Production Day (APD), FMX and spotlight have for national and international perception for the economic center of Stuttgart and the state of Baden-Württemberg. Through the introduction of the Animation Germany initiative, which is committed to the international competitiveness of the German animation industry and the first award of the Trickstar Business Award, this becomes clear. It is the world’s first prize with an economic focus on innovative business models or projects.

For the first time the Animated Games Award was awarded, which won the best and most innovative computer game from Germany. The honorary trickster went to the Italian animation artist and creator of the famous figure „Signor Rossi“: Bruno Bozzetto. A detailed press release will follow on May 8th.

The next International Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart will take place from April 24 to 29, 2018

Prize winner of the 24th International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart 2017
International competition

Grand Prix
15,000 euros funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Stuttgart

Figury niemozliwe i inne historie II (Impossible Figures and Other Stories II)
Poland 2016, 14:40 min.
Director: Marta Pajek
Producers: Piotr Szczepanowicz, Grzegorz Waclawek
Production: Polish Film Institute

The jury’s statement: For extraodinary design and cinematic  construction and for excellence in animation and powerful concept, the jury awards the Grand Award for Animated Film  to Impossible  Figures and other Stories II by Marta Pajek from Poland.


Special Mention:
L’Horizon de Bene (Bene’s Horizon)

France 2016, 12:53 min.
Director: Eloic Gimenez, Jumi Yoon
Producer / Producer: Fabrice Dugast
Production: 3xPlus

Lotte Reiniger Award for animation film
10,000 Euro funded by the MFG Film Promotion Baden-Württemberg

Denmark 2015
Director: Juliette Viger
Produced by: Michelle Nardone
Production: The Animation Workshop

The jury’s statement: The Lotte Reiniger Promotion Award to Untamed by Juliette Viger. For its atmospheric, complex portrayal of a daughter dealing with the threat of violence, and a musician father dealing with his own depression.

Special Mention:
AYNY (My Second Eye)
Germany, Jordan, Palestine 2016
Director: Ahmad Saleh
Producer: Stefan Gieren

SWR Audience Award
6,000 euros

Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon
Germany 2016
Director: Tomer Eshed
Production: Lumatic

Amazon Audience Award
5,000 euros

France 2016
Director: Alexandre Arpentinier, Mathieu Blanchys, Lola Grand, Tristan Lamarca, Thomas Lemaille, Jean-Charles Lusseau
School: ESMA
Production: École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA)

 Young Animation – Award for the best student film
2,500 euros funded by the Landesanstalt für Kommunikation Baden-Württemberg (LfK) and MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg

happy end
The Czech Republic 2015
Director: Jan Saska
Producers: Kamila Dohnalová, Ondřej Šejnoha
School: FAMU

The Jury’s statement: The film „Happy End“, the winner of the Young Animation Award, by Jan Saska brought us a joyful vision of a rather sad situation. By its unique graphic style, its black humor, its perfect timing, its clear and well-structured storytelling, it appears to us that in the end we were very happy to distinguish it!

Special Mention
Belgium 2016
Director: Jasmine Elsen
Producer: Lai Kin Chang
School: RITCS

The FANtastic Prize
1,000 euros, funded by the Animation Family, the most loyal fans of ITFS

Great Britain 2016
Director: Jennifer Zheng
School: Kingston University

The jury’s statement: The film we chose pushes the boundaries between generations and nations in straightforward lines. The cultural identity of a family changes constantly to shape the individual concept of home. We congratulate our laureate to become a member of our Animation family tonight.


Tricks for Kids – Award for the best short film for children
4,000 Euro funded to Studio 100 Media GmbH

Når jeg hører fuglene synge (When I Hear the Birds Sing)
Norway 2016
Director: Trine Vallevik Håbjørg
Production: Råsalt AS

The statement of the children’s jury: We chose the film because
„… because the film explains a current topic and makes one think about how hard such a war is for children.“ (Nika)
„… because one should learn how people really go in the war.“ (Tammik)
„Because the film is beautifully drawn.“ (Yvette)
„… because it is a real and stirring film.“ (Carlotta)
„… because it is important that children understand what war means.“ (Charlotte)
„…. Because he communicates an acute topic in a comprehensible and easy way. „(Grik)
„… because you can show with this film how strong people have to be when they escape from their home.“ (Annika)
„… because alone thinking about this topic can inspire people to help and change something in the world.“ (Arne)

Special Mention

France 2016
Director: Alexis Agliata, Théo Bonora, Arnaud Bellour, Thibaud Gambier, Juliana Berckmans, Romain Lavoine
Production: ESMA

Tricks for Kids – Award for the best animation series for children nationally (sponsored by MIP Junior 2017)
„Trude Beast – The Beauty and the Beast“
Germany 2016, 6:00 min.
Director: Klaus Morschheuser
Production: Studio Soi GmbH & Co KG

„We Bare Bears: Burrito“
USA 2016, 11:37 min.
Director Daniel Chong, Manny Hernandez
Production: Cartoon Network

AniMovie – Award for the best animation long film

Window Horses
Canada 2016
Director: Ann Marie Fleming
Producers: Ann Marie Fleming, Shirley Vecruysse, Michael Fukushima, Sandra Oh
Production: Stick Girl Productions, National Film Board of Canada

The Jury’s statement: This movie is not only a brave production with a brave subject, it’s an open window on emotion, identity , different cultures and poetry crossing any border. Thank you Ann Marie, you have touched our hearts.

Special Mention:
Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni (In this corner of the world)

Japan 2016
Director: Sunao Katabuchi
Producers: Masao Maruyama, Taro Maki
Production: Genco INC.

We would also like to highlight the film Kono Sekai No Katasumi Ni (In This Corner of the World) for its beautiful style and history.

Trickstar Business Award
7,500 € endowed, sponsored by the Stuttgart region

Project „The Shadows“
Company: Break Thru Films, Hugh Welshman & Dorota Kobiela, Poland

Jury: At „The Shadows“, Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman implement a very unusual but obvious business model and reach completely new, art-interested target groups for the animation project. The key reason for the award to the production company Break Thru Films is, however, that the concept can be derived from a generally valid, economically successful model for artistic-painterly animation film, the cinema evaluation, digital social media campaigns with the aura of a Original painting. “

German Screenplay Award
2,500 euros funded by Telepool GmbH

The Journey of the Elephant Soliman
Author: Juliette Alfonis, Matthias Drescher

German Voice Actor Award
Alexandra Maria Lara for the role of Rosita in the film „Sing“.

Animated Games Award Germany
5,000 euros funded by the MFG Baden-Württemberg
On Rusty Trails
Developer: Tobias Bilgeri
Publisher: Blackpants Game Studio

Animated Com Award International:
Funded by Animation Media Cluster Region Stuttgart
Gold: Johnny Walker with „Keep Walking“ (Kristian Andrews, Studio AKA, GB 2016).

Learn more about the film on the website from Studio AKA!

Have a look to the film here:

Silver: YP Dine: „Living Room“ (Rob Shaw, Bent Image Lab, USA 2016).

Bronze: Aldi with „The Amazing Christmas Carrot“ (Kylie Matulick, Todd Mueller, Psyop, USA 2016).

Special mention:
SEED Matters by Buck

„Lapp Connected Award“
Funded by U.I. Lapp GmbH
Alexander Dietrich and Johannes Flick (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg)

Crazy Horse Session – 48H Animation Jam
In cooperation with M.A.R.K. 13, supported by the Landesanstalt für Kommunikation (LFK)

Team Egypt: Islam Mazhar & Ahmad Abdelhameed
Special Mention: Team Germany: Stella Raith and Beate Höller.

Arab Animation Forum
Winner in Pitching competition in cooperation with Roboert Bosch Stiftung
Testimonial of My Grandmother’s Transformation into a Chair
Nicolas Fattough, Libanon
The Jury would first like to congratulate all of the participants in this forum. As you can imagine, the decision was not an easy one. Nicolas’ story of a life fading out and the transformative nature of memory and its effects on the people involded was particularly compelling.

Die Trailer und Ausschnitte aus den 55 Projekten der diesjährigen Ausgabe von Cartoon Movie

Hier die vier Trailer-Blöcke mit den insgesamt 55 Projekten der diesjährigen Ausgabe von Cartton Movie 2017.

Weitere Angaben zu den Projekten findet Ihr auf der Seite von Cartoon Movie: http://www.cartoon-media.eu/cartoon-movie-event/cartoon-movie-2017/discover-the-projects-1.htm

Cartoon Movie is neither a fair nor a festival, but rather a pitching & co-pro forum for animated feature films.
For two days, producers have the opportunity to pitch their film project in order to speed up financing, find co-producers and interest international distributors.
Since its creation in 1999, 275 films found financing, representing a total budget of 1.9 billion EUR.




Cartoon Movie, the European pitching event for animation films, took place in Bordeaux with 850 participants (+14% compared to 2016) from 41 different countries, with 43 game companies and 221 buyers including 125 distributors and sales agents. Organised by CARTOON, the 19th edition of this professional forum was the ideal platform to assess the current state of European animation whilst boosting 55 new projects featuring a wide variety of genres and production techniques.

Out of the 55 projects selected with very disparate budgets (from 3 to 13 million euros), 17 of them are in concept, 26 in development, 9 in production and 3 in sneak preview. The variety of countries producing animated films is still growing. This year, Georgia, Ukraine
and Israel pitched a project for the first time at Cartoon Movie. This edition also benefited from a strong territorial anchoring with 7 projects out of 55 developed in Bordeaux and Angoulême under the aegis of the Pôle Image Magelis. During these two days, the pitching sessions got a full house. The 17 projects presented as projects in concept created great enthusiasm like „The Nazis, my Father and Me“ (Folivari) by Remy Schaepman, a new project of the successful producer Didier Brunner, „Two Caravans“ (Blue Zoo Animation) based on the best-selling novel of Marina Lewycka, „Unicorn Wars“ (Schmuby Productions), „Single Mom in Korea“ (Marmitafilms) – a new film by Jung Henin („Approved for Adoption“), „Princess Dragon“ (Ankama Animations) by Anthony Roux & Jean-Jacques Denis („Dofus – book 1“), … With 35 projects out of the 55 selected, family comedies and adventure films for children remain the focus of Cartoon Movie projects.

The 10 projects which attracted the most participants to the pitching sessions:
• „Zombillenium“ (Maybe Movies), a highly anticipated film by the successful comic artist Arthur de Pins
• „The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales“ (Folivari) inspired from Benjamin Renner’s books (co-directed of „Ernest & Célestine“)
• „Miss Saturne“ (Prima Linea) by Jérôme Combe & Barbara Israël *
• „Wolfwalkers“ (Cartoon Saloon) by Tomm Moore („Song of the Sea“, Best European Animated Feature Film at European Film Awards and nominated for the Academy Awards in 2015)
• „Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary“ (Maybe Movies), new movie of Rémi Chayé („Long Way North“, Audience Award at Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2015, Anima 2016 Audience Award for Best Animated Feature for Children)
• „Kensuke’s Kingdom“ (Lupus Films) by Neil Boyle & Kirk Hendry
• „The Prince’s Journey“ (Blue Spirit Productions, a new film by Jean-François
Laguionie) which will be made in Angoulême studios
• „Charlotte“ in co-production with Les Films du Poisson Rouge (in Angoulême) and directed by Bibo Bergeron *
• „The Siren“ (Les films d’ici) about the Resistance in Iran and directed by Sepideh Farsi *
• „Super Vinamotor“ (Je suis bien content) by Stéphanie Lansaque & François Leroy *
It is interesting to note that the most famous directors (Arthur de Pins, Benjamin Renner,Tomm Moore, Rémi Chayé, Jean-François Laguionie) attract most of the participants.
* Animated films for adults, this year’s big trend (33% of projects)

During the 19th Cartoon Movie, participants voted for the winners of the Cartoon Tributes 2017: the awards for outstanding contribution to the development of European animation over the last year. Considered one of European animation most prestigious rewards, the winners are:
Director of the Year: Claude Barras (Switzerland) for his long feature „My Life as a Courgette“.
The other nominees were: Michael Dudok de Wit (the Netherlands) for the film „The Red Turtle“ and Jean-François Laguionie (France) for „Louise by the Shore“.
Distributor of the Year: Angel Films (Denmark) – distributor in Scandinavian countries of „My
Life as a Courgette“, „Phantom Boy“, „Ernest & Celestine“, „Pinocchio“, „Tad, The Lost
Explorer“. The other nominees were: MUBI (United Kingdom) and Urban Distribution International (France).
Producers of the Year: Rita productions (Switzerland), Blue Spirit Productions & Gebeka
Films (France) for „My Life as a Courgette“.
The other nominees were: Knudsen & Streuber Medienmanufaktur, Ulysses Filmproduktion (Germany), Walking The Dog (Belgium), Melusine Productions (Luxembourg) & Den Siste Skilling (Norway) for „Richard the Stork“ and Lupus Films & Melusine Productions (United Kingdom/Luxembourg) for „Ethel & Ernest“.

With 35 projects out of the 55 selected, family comedies and adventure films for children remain the focus of Cartoon Movie projects:
• „Zombillenium“ (Maybe Movies), a highly anticipated film by the successful comic artist Arthur de Pins
• „Amundsen & Nobile“ (Mikrofilm), adventure film inspired by the true story of these two aviators who were the first to reach the North Pole
• „Butts on Ice (WT)“ (M.A.R.K.13) modern adaptation of the fairy tale „The Fisherman and His Wife“ by Brothers Grimm
• „Ooops! 2“ (Moetion Films), the sequel of „Ooops! Noah is gone…“ by Toby Genkel and Sean McCormack
• „Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary“ (Maybe Movies), new movie of Rémi Chayé („Long Way North“) which refers to the historical character of Calamity Jane
• „Wolfwalkers“ (Cartoon Saloon) by Tomm Moore („Song of the Sea“, Best European Animated Feature Film at European Film Awards and nominated for the Academy Awards in 2015)
• „Princess Dragon“ (Ankama Animations) by Anthony Roux & Jean-Jacques Denis („Dofus – book 1“)
• „A Skeleton Story“ (MAD Entertainment) by Alessandro Rak (director of „The Art of Happiness“, Best European Animated Feature Film at European Film Awards 2014)
• „Crazy Island“ (Grid Animation) by Jesper Møller, based on the works of worldrenowned Argentinian artist Guillermo Mordillo
• „The Nazis, my Father and Me“ (Folivari) by Remy Schaepman, new project of the successful producer Didier Brunner. This film tells the story of a young German boy who’s father suddenly disappears after being chased by two threatening men in New York in 1941, shortly before the United States enters the war. For several years, the trend of adult-skewed films in European animation is growing. This year, nearly 33% of the selected projects target an audience of teenagers/ adults and tackle political or sensitive subjects ranging from:
• sexual abuse: „Awakening Beauty“ (La Claqueta PC)
• Ukrainian refugees in England: „Two Caravans“ (Blue Zoo Animation) based on the
best-selling novel of Marina Lewycka
• human trafficking: „Flee“ (Final Cut For Real)
• Alzheimer’s disease: „Tangles“ (Passion Pictures), based on the graphic novel by the Canadian author and artist Sarah Leavitt
• resistance in Iran: „The Siren“ (Les Films d’Ici)
• the Franco regime: „Josep“ (Les Films d’Ici Méditerranée) based on the life of cartoonist Josep Bartoli who fights against this regime
• the surrealist films’ censorship: „Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles“, which tells the life of the famous surrealist director Luis Buñuel after the screening of his film „The Golden Age“ written in collaboration with Salvador Dali.

Literature and comic books continue to be a significant source of inspiration for European animation. This year’s selection ranges from adaptations by well-known authors such as Raymond Briggs („Ethel and Ernest“ by Lupus Films, directed by Roger Mainwood), Albert
Sixtus („Rabbit School – Guardians of the Golden Egg“ by Akkord Film, directed by Ute von Münchow-Pohl), Sylvia Vanden Heede („Fox and Hare Save the Forest“ by Submarine, directed by Mascha Halberstad) or „The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales“ (Folivari) inspired on
Benjamin Renner’s books („Ernest et Célestine“) and „The Wondrous Journey of Little Sophie“ (Pellicola) by Roel & Berend Boorsma, adaptation of the book „Kleine Sofie en Lange Wapper“.

As for Bordeaux Metropole, she will be represented with three projects: „Single Mom in Korea“ (Marmitafilms), new film by Jung Henin („Approved for Adoption“), „Charlotte“ in coproduction with Les Films du Poisson Rouge and Canada and „Unicorn Wars“ in coproduction
with Schmuby Productions. „Miss Saturne“ (Prima Linea), „Canaan“ (Tondo Films in co-production with Superprod) and „The Prince’s Journey“ (Blue Spirit Productions, new film by Jean-François Laguionie) will also be made in studios in Angoulême (under the aegis
of the Pôle Image Magelis). For the second consecutive year, two Canadian projects will be presented at Cartoon Movie
in order to expand the collaboration established at Cartoon Connection Canada. „Butterfly Tale“ (CarpeDiem) and „The Treasure of Morgäa“ (10th Ave Productions) have been selected by several European broadcasters present in October 2016: BBC Children’s UK,
France Télévisions, Walt Disney EMEA, YLE Finland, Ketnet/VRT Belgium and Canal+ France. In addition, one project that was pitched at Cartoon Springboard 2016, event for the emergence of young talents, was selected for the Cartoon Movie 2017: „Geno“ by Lira
Production Studios (Georgia). To date, 55 projects from 19 countries have been selected to be pitched at Cartoon Movie:
17 of them are in concept, 26 in development, 9 in production and 3 in sneak preview. France will be represented by 17 projects, followed by Germany and Belgium with 5 each, United Kingdom with 4 projects, Netherlands, Ireland & Spain with 3 each.
The variety of countries producing animated films is still growing, thanks to the vitality of the Nordic countries with 6 projects. This year, Georgia, Ukraine and Israel will be pitched a project for the first time at Cartoon Movie.


In collaboration with Bordeaux Games, Pôle Image Magelis and CATS (Cluster Aquitain du
Transmedia Storytelling), Cartoon organized the „Cartoon Games & Apps“, which consists of matchmaking sessions of 20 minutes each between animation producers, transmedia & gaming professionals. These meetings took place to establish a new synergy between these two sectors. In the long term, it aims to encourage producers to bring game and transmedia partners at the same EARLY stage as the co-producer and the distributor in the process of a feature film. This year, 43 video game representatives (Ubisoft, Shinypix who created „Robinson Crusoe“ game, FrameOver, Remote Control Productions, Waveor, Solidanim who created „Cafard“ game..) from Germany, Belgium, Spain and France, and around 61 European animation producers met during more than 300 meetings:

300 „speed dating“ sessions for Cartoon Games & Apps
In collaboration with Bordeaux Games, Pôle Image Magelis and CATS (Cluster Aquitain du Transmedia Storytelling), Cartoon organises the „Cartoon Games & Apps“, which consists of matchmaking sessions of 20 minutes each between animation producers, transmedia &
gaming professionals. These meetings started on 8th March at Palais des Congrès in order to establish a new synergy between these two sectors and in the long term, to encourage producers to bring game and transmedia partner at the same EARLY stage as the
co-producer and the distributor in the process of a feature film. To date, about thirty video game and transmedia representatives (Ubisoft, Shinypix who created „Robinson Crusoe“ game, FrameOver, Remote Control Productions, Waveor, …) and around 65 European animation producers attended.
• LA GRANDE JONCTION: the B2B French Tech Bordeaux event took place during the morning of 8th March just before Cartoon Movie and established a direct link between professionals from the traditional economy and the digital economy.
• CARTOON GAMES & APPS: organised in collaboration with Bordeaux Games, Pôle Image Magelis and CATS (Cluster Aquitain du Transmedia Storytelling), these meetings took place during the afternoon of 8th March and aimed to foster partnerships upstream between animation producers, transmedia & gaming professionals.
More info: http://lagrandejonction.org/

About Cartoon Movie
Since 1999, over 268 films pitched at Cartoon Movie, with a total budget of 1.8 billion Euros, have secured their financing and have been released thanks to this annual forum aimed at strengthening the production and distribution of animated feature films in Europe.
Cartoon Movie is organised by CARTOON with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA, CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée), Bordeaux Metropole, the city of Bordeaux and Pôle Image Magelis.
About Cartoon
CARTOON – European Association of Animation Film is an international non-profit association based in Brussels that organises Cartoon Movie, together with Cartoon Forum, a co-production forum for animated TV series, Cartoon Master training seminars and Cartoon Connection, a programme intended to explore ways of reinforcing cooperation between EU and non-EU animation professionals.


Köln: devcom Call for Papers: Einreichungsphase bis zum 12. Mai verlängert

Köln – April 12, 2017

Mit dem Ziel weitere hochwertige und informative Inhalte für ihre Teilnehmer zusammenzustellen, verlängern die Veranstalter der brandneuen Spieleentwickler-Eventreihe devcom den Call for Papers bis zum 12. Mai. Vom 20. bis 24. August 2017 lädt die devcom im Rahmen der gamescom, dem weltweit größte Event für Computer- und Videospiele (Dienstag, 22. bis Samstag, 26. August 2017), erstmals nach Köln ein.

Bisher unveröffentlichte Vorträge, Panels, Case Studies und Präsentationen können bis zum 12. Mai eingereicht werden. Im Fokus sollen dabei die Themen Virtual Reality, Mobile Games, Business und Produktion stehen. Auch für die folgenden Tracks werden Einreichungen entgegengenommen:

• Programming
• Design
• Audio
• Diversity
• Monetization
• eSports

Außer den Keynotes und Panels der devcom developer conference zählen auch Workshops, Summits, Master Classes und Matchmaking zum umfangreichen Angebot der devcom.

• devcom Master Classes sind zweistündige Round Tables für bis zu 40 Teilnehmer zu den Themen Marketing, Game Design und Production sowie Sales

• devcom Tutorials bieten bis zu vier Hands-On-Tutorials pro Tag zu neuesten Technologien, Game Engines und Advertising-Tools

• devcom Summits sind drei eintägige Summits mit den Schwerpunkten Mobile Gaming, Virtual Reality und Monetarisierung

Einreichungen für Master Classes, Tutorials und Summits sind bis zum 12. Mai unter www.devcom.global möglich.
Die devcom developer conference findet am 20. und 21. August 2017 im Congress Centrum Ost der Kölnmesse statt.

Weitere Informationen zur devcom finden Sie unter: www.devcom.global

Have a look: King Arthur – Legend of the Sword Final Trailer

Acclaimed filmmaker Guy Ritchie brings his dynamic style to the epic fantasy action adventure “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.” Starring Charlie Hunnam in the title role, the film is an iconoclastic take on the classic Excalibur myth, tracing Arthur’s journey from the streets to the throne.

When the child Arthur’s father is murdered, Vortigern (Jude Law), Arthur’s uncle, seizes the crown. Robbed of his birthright and with no idea who he truly is, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, his life is turned upside down and he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy…whether he likes it or not.

Starring with Hunnam (FX’s “Sons of Anarchy”) and Oscar nominee Law (“Cold Mountain,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley”) are Astrid Bergès-Frisbey (“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”) as Mage; Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou (“Blood Diamond,” “In America”) as Bedivere; Aidan Gillen (HBO’s “Game of Thrones”) as Goosefat Bill; and Eric Bana (“Star Trek”) as Arthur’s father, King Uther Pendragon.

Check out the film’s official page at Warner Bros. UK: http://po.st/ZVvOfQ


Das Internationale Trickfilmfestival in Stuttgart ruft zur Teilnahme am Trickstar Business Award auf:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
die Bewerbungsfrist für den neuen Trickstar Business Award ist verlängert! Bis zum 3. April haben Unternehmen oder Projekte aus der Animationsbranche, die über ein innovatives und wegweisendes Geschäftsmodell verfügen, die Chance, sich für den Trickstar Business Award zu bewerben. 
Der Trickstar Business Award ist der weltweit erste Animationspreis mit explizit wirtschaftlicher Ausrichtung und wird in Höhe von 7.500 € von der Region Stuttgart gestiftet. Der Preis wird am 5. Mai 2017 erstmalig im Rahmen des Animation Production Day (APD) durch das Internationale Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart vergeben.

Reglement und Anmeldung
Ihr Unternehmen oder Ihr Projekt hat ein innovatives Businesskonzept, beispielsweise für den Bereich Finanzierung, Vertrieb, Marketing oder Rechtevertretung? Dann bewerben Sie sich mit diesem Anmeldeformular. Mehr Informationen zum Reglement finden Sie unter: www.itfs.de/branche/wettbewerbe 

Gemeinsame Preisverleihung und Branchentreff 
Der Trickstar Business Award wird am 5. Mai in einer gemeinsamen Preisverleihung mit dem „Deutschen Animationsdrehbuchpreis“, gestiftet von der Telepool GmbH, und den Preisen „Tricks for Kids Serie“ (national und international), gestiftet von MIP Junior 2017, vergeben. Die Veranstaltug findet in der Stuttgarter L-Bank Rotunde statt: Perfekt für Networking-Möglichkeiten zwischen Animationskünstlern, Drehbuchautoren und Produzenten.

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Bewerbung!

Have a look! Timo Fechers neues Showreel

Hi! My name is Timo Fecher and I’m a filmmaker ever since I can remember. I love telling stories. During my studies in film production and digital media, I got more and more interested in the art of Motion Graphic Designs that tremendously helped me to improve my movies and storytelling skills. Now I’m a self-employed VFX- and Motion Graphics Artist for almost ten years and I still love my job. I’ve worked on numerous projects for small companies right up to big and famous movie and game production studios. For more information please visit timo-fecher.com

Annecy Festival 2017: 87 Shorts and 49 Graduation films in the Official Selection!

(c) Till Nowak

(c) Photo by Till Nowak

The Festival received over 2,800 films, all categories combined, from 95 different countries.

Here is the Link to the Website!

The Official Selection so far includes:

87 Short Films in Competition, including 11 Off-Limits, 21 Perspectives and 10 Young Audiences; France, Canada and Belgium have the most films represented in the selection.
49 Graduation Films in Competition
For these two categories, 48% of the films were either directed or co-directed by women.

The Official Selection of TV Series & Specials and Commissioned Films will be announced at the end of March and the Feature Films in and out of Competition will be announced in late April.

The Festival’s Official Selection was carried out by the Artistic Director, Marcel Jean and the Films & Programme Planning team, Laurent Million, Yves Nougarède and Sébastien Sperer. New this year, Peggy Zejgman-Lecarme, Director of the Cinémathèque de Grenoble, provided assistance and a feminine perspective for the selection of short films. https://www.annecy.org/programme:en

Paying tribute to China

China is a big country, almost an entire continent: its animation is rich and diverse. We plan on providing the broadest possible overview on historical and current Chinese animation by presenting as many major productions as films made by the new generation of independent artists. We want to talk about the industry and its rapid development, but we also want to hear from unique voices.“ Marcel Jean, Artistic Director of the Annecy Festival

Why FMX 2017 ??? – Have a look and save the Date! – Einblicke in die Programmhighlights

FMX 2017
International Conference on Animation, Effects, VR, Games and Transmedia

2.-5. Mai, Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart

Hier geht es zur Webseite der FMX und ihrem Programm!

Effekte – von King Arthur bis zu The Walking Dead

Anne Kolbe, Senior Vice President of Visual Effects bei Warner Bros. Pictures, begleitet den VFX Supervisor Nick Davis zur FMX. Davis wird über die Effekte sprechen, die bei der Produktion des Mittelalter-Epos King Arthur: Legend of the Sword zum Einsatz kamen. Christian Manz (Framestore) ergänzt diesen thematischen Block um Erfahrungswerte, die er bei der Realisierung von Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sammeln konnte, und Filmakademie-Baden-Württemberg-Alumnus Volker Engel wird Independence Day: Resurgence  beleuchten – das Sequel zu Independence Day, für das Engel 1997 einen Oscar gewann. Auch TV-Serien kommen nicht zu kurz: Thilo Ewers (PIXOMONDO) widmet sich The Walking Dead.

Dear Angelica und weitere VR Highlights: Directing & Designing in VR

Dear Angelica, bei dem Filmakademie-Baden-Württemberg-Alumnus Saschka Unseld Regie führte, wird im Fokus von Max Plancks Vortrag stehen: Planck erläutert den Einsatz von Quill, dem VR-Tool aus dem Hause Oculus Story Studio, mit dem der Film in der virtuellen Realität gemalt wurde. Darüber hinaus wird Jessica Brillhart, die als wichtigste Filmemacherin von Google VR Projekte realisiert, bei der FMX anwesend sein – sie arbeitet derzeit mit der neuesten Jump-Kamera-Technologie in 360 Grad und hat jüngst die VR-Filme World Tour und Resonance fertig gestellt. Auch Tom Burton (BBC) und Solomon Rogers (REWIND) gewähren Einblicke in die Komplexität des Regie-Führens im VR-Bereich: Sie waren an der Umsetzung der VR Experience BBC Home: Spacewalk beteiligt, die die schwerelose Weltraumerfahrung eines Astronauten in rund 400 Kilometer Erdentfernung simuliert. Tom Sanocki rundet die Vortragsreihe ab, indem er erklärt, wie Limitless Inc. die Animation von Figuren im virtuellen Raum ermöglicht.

Animation – Quest for Young Talent

Einige FMX-Veranstaltungen haben sich die Suche nach talentiertem Nachwuchs – dem „Quest for Young Talent“ – in Zeiten zunehmender Globalisierung und neuer Grenzen auf die Fahnen geschrieben. Ben Owen (one of us) moderiert ein Panel zum Thema Bildung, bei dem Experten aus Industrie und Bildung, darunter Shelley Page (DreamWorks Animation), David Sproxton (Aardman Animations) und Seth Holladay (Brigham Young University Center for Animation), zu Wort kommen. Ein wichtiges Thema wird dabei die Fluktuation von talentierten jungen Künstlern angesichts des Brexits sein.

Art – Artists Liberated

Im Track „Artists Liberated“ berichten zwei Professionals davon, wie sie ihren Karrierestart bei renommierten Firmen absolvierten und sich in der Folge für die künstlerische Selbstständigkeit entschieden. Andy Lomas (der unter anderem an The Matrix mitarbeitete) macht das FMX-Publikum mit seiner digitalen, auf dem biologischen Prozess der Morphogenese basierenden Kunst vertraut, während Andrew Daffy (der sich mit der Avengers VR Experience hervorgetan hat) darlegt, wie er die ersten Schritte in Richtung Unabhängigkeit nehmen konnte.

Durch die „Shaping the User Experience“-Reihe erfahren FMX-Besucher, wie schwierig es ist, neue technologische Entwicklungen den Bedürfnissen der Nutzer anzupassen. Unter den Referenten befinden sich Celia Hodent (Epic Games) und David Lightbown (Ubisoft), die ihre Best Practices unter Leitung von Julien Blervaque (Ubisoft) vorführen. Christophe Hery (Pixar) kuratiert eine Reihe an Talks, die sich mit den neuesten Rendering-Technologien befassen. Mit von der Partie: Larry Gritz (Sony Pictures Imageworks), der in diesem Jahr einen Oscar für technische Verdienste erhielt, sowie Vladimir Koylazov (Chaos Group), Maurice van Swaaij (Blue Sky Studios) und Marcos Fajardo (Solid Angle).



The board of the European Animation Awards (E.A.A) has announced that it will hold its inaugural ceremony on 8th December 2017 in Lille, France. The event will be staged in a newly created partnership with the Hauts-de-France Region and Pictanovo, Lille.

A convention between the parties was signed at Pictanovo on Tuesday 24th January by Peter Lord (President of the European Animation Awards), Mr. Xavier Bertrand (President of Hauts-de-France Region), Mr. Guillaume Delbar (Vice-President of the Regional Council and President of Pictanovo) with the administrators of the E.A.A and Malika Aït Gherbi Palmer (Executive Director of Pictanovo) in attendance.

The city of Lille and the region of Hauts-de-France were chosen due to their dynamic support for animation and their enthusiasm to host the event.

The aim of the Emile Awards is to celebrate and reward the diversity, the skills and excellence of the European animation industry.

The Awards will take place the Friday 8th December 2017 at le Nouveau Siècle in Lille.

„Our ambition for the European Animation Awards is high. We want this to become an essential part of the year for the very many people across Europe who are involved in this most modern and vibrant artform. It will be a meeting place, a place for celebration, and of course – because as well as being artists, some of us are businessmen too – no doubt also a place where meetings are held and collaborations are made.

But at the very heart of the Emile Awards is an ideal.

We have so much to celebrate in Europe, such a dynamic and successful industry, so many talented artists. We too should meet to recognise excellence and to celebrate those individuals and teams who bring so much pleasure and create such wonderful work.

Throughout Europe in big cities and in small villages, in workshops and attics, in studios and occasionally I’m told,  in cow-sheds – the animation community exists.  It’s a diverse and widely spread family of highly creative people.

But this is a family who doesn’t get together often enough!

in Lille,  in December, we will welcome our large and vibrant family – including perhaps some crazy uncles and aunts that we have never met before –they will come together to exchange ideas, to form collaborations, to acknowledge exceptional talent.  And have a wonderful party.“

Peter Lord, President


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