Stuttgart: AMD Helps LUXX Studios Power Their First Animated Movie „MANOU THE SWIFT“

An Insight into their First Animated Movie – Manou the Swift LUXX Studios has only been around for 12 years, but it has already made a huge impact in Hollywood, providing visual effects work for large tentpole movies such as White House Down and Independence Day: Resurgence. Christian Haas and Andrea Block, founders of LUXX Studios, has continued building upon their successes, and is on their way to completing their very first full-length, animated feature titled “Manou the Swift”. This video provides an insight into the creative processes at work and shows how AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ CPUs and Radeon™ Pro GPUs play a helping hand in piecing this animated film together.


Luxx Studios, Stuttgart: Kate Winslet and Willem Dafoe voice animated film „Manou the Swift“


Pressemeldung, Sola Media, Stuttgart:

International sales agent Sola Media has announced that Oscar Winner Kate Winslet and Willem Dafoe, winner of the Honorary Golden Berlin Bear in 2018 have lend their voices to two main characters of Manou the Swift the new animated feature, which will be presented in the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

This is the first time the two actors have worked together on a film, voicing Manou’s Seagull parents. While Winslet has given her voice to a number of animated shorts in recent years, Dafoe’s voice can be heard in Pixar’s hit FINDING NEMO and FINDING DORY.

“I am very excited to play with Kate Winslet in this animated feature, especially as my wife” said Dafoe. Winslet stets, “This is a family adventure that I will enjoy watching with my son.”

Produced by LUXX Film, Manou the Swift tells the story of a young swift growing up with seagull parents, who strives to swim, fish and fly like them but fails. When seagulls and swifts get into trouble MANOU fights like a hero – as best mix of inventive swift and courageous seagull. The animation is done by LUXX Studios renowned for visual effects in Wes Anderson’s GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL and blockbusters such as WHITE HOUSE DOWN and INDEPENDENCE DAY 2


Manou is a visual feast with the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen in an independentfilm. We can’t wait to present the new material to our buyers in Cannes” says Solveig Langeland Managing Director of Sola Media.

“It is a thrilling experience and a lot of hard work to bring this unique story to life on screen” says Director Chris Haas. While Producer/ Director Andrea Block adds, “It is stunning how much extra vibrance outstanding talents like Kate and Willem add to the characters, their performance intrigued the animation, which is fantastic.”

The film is set for theatrical release near the end of 2018. A teaser, selected clips and making of’s can be viewed on Sola Media’s website.

Have a first look: Luxx Film, Stuttgart proudly presents the Official Teaser of „MANOU THE SWIFT“

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an das Team um Andrea Block und Christian Haas von Luxx Film in Stuttgart. Hier ist der offizielle Teaser zum Film „Manou the Swift“. Viel Spaß beim Ansehen!

LUXX Film GmbH presents the first official Teaser for „MANOU the SWIFT“ online, an animated Feature from Germany released 2017 to entertain Families in Cinemas worldwide. If you enjoyed it, please share with your family and friends, e.g. Thank you.

The little swift Manou grows up believing he’s a seagull. Learning to fly he finds out he never will be. Shocked, he runs away from home. He meets birds of his own species and finds out who he really is. When both seagulls and swifts face a dangerous threat, Manou becomes the hero of the day.

Website: Luxx Film

Website: SOLA MEDIA (World Sales)



Luxx Studios, Stuttgart: Visual Effects VFX Breakdown „White House Down“

Höchst beeindruckend!


White House Down – Visual Effects VFX Breakdown Overview Reel
White House Down © Columbia Pictures
Thank you Roland Emmerich, Volker Engel, Marc Weigert, Julia Frey



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