Berlin: Workshop: 3D Printing in Animation by Formlabs Europe, 27. April

Join Formlabs and LUMATIC for an exciting 3D printing workshop!

During the evening, the Berlin based animator Michael Herm will give an insight behind the scenes of an animation studio, he will explain how 3D printing can be used in animation and will offer tips and tricks on how to create printable models in ZBrush Read more

Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon – Lumatic, Berlin – Regie Tomer Eshed

In a world where a single chameleon has no natural enemies, this one of a kind creature is destined to hunt for prey.

Narration – John Berwick
Animated by – Lars Krüger
Set Design, Set Modeling, Texturing, Lighting – Alex Pohl
Character Design – Tomer Eshed
Charakter Modeling, Additional Animation – Michael Herm
Rigging, Rendering, Shading, Simulation, Compositing – Dennis Rettkowski
Sound Design, Sound Mix – Michal Krajczok
Music – Stefan Maria Schneider
Produced by – LUMATIC

Directed by – Tomer Eshed

Lumatic, Berlin: VFX breakdowns von „Er ist wieder da“

„Er ist wieder da“ ist jetzt als DVD oder Blu Ray erhältlich, sowie auf Netflix zu finden.

Lumatic, Berlin war für die VFX verantwortlich!

Selected breakdowns of the extensive effects work we did on the movie „Look who’s back“ / „Er ist wieder da“. Our tasks included set supervision, compositing, set extensions and the animation / integration of a digital dog.


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