Moviebrats Studios, Berlin sucht ab sofort:

A big shout out to all VFX artists! We are looking for additions to our team! So, if you are a compositor at senior level (nuke) or a fx td (houdini) and you want to create some awesome work, reach out to us! Work would start immediately! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Berlin: MovieBrats Studios – Animation & Visual Effects suchen…

A camel, a goat and a desert fox walk into an animation studio. The recruiter looks up and says: „We’re gonna need a bigger team!“

MovieBrats Studios – Animation & Visual Effects is hiring for feature animation work:

Senior Character Designers (start ASAP)
Senior Concept Designers/Visual Development Artists (start April)
Head of Story (start May-ish)
Senior Story Artists (start May-ish)

…and a better joke writer.

Please send work samples and CV to

Please share!

Website von MovieBrats

Statusbericht zu den deutschen Projekten bei Cartoon Movie 2017: „Hump“ von MovieBrats, Berlin

Ich habe hinsichtlich des näherkommenden Termins von Cartoon Movie 2017 eine Anfrage an die deutschen Produzenten im Bezug auf ihre Beteiligung an diesen Projekten um eine Stellungnahme gebeten. Ab heute veröffentliche ich in loser Folge die Ergebnisse dieser Anfrage auf dem INDAC Blog:

Ich wollte die Cartoon Movie Projekte mit deutscher Beteiligung auf dem Indac Blog posten, die Studios verlinken und wollte deshalb fragen, ob Ihr mir noch etwas Background oder ein Statement zu  HUMP geben möchtet? Stand der Dinge, Budget, Sender, was ihr noch sucht und braucht und was ihr euch bei Cartoon Movie erhofft an Unterstützung.

Alex Weimer von MovieBrats schrieb zurück:

Hallo Johannes!

Ich denke, die wichtigste News für den Moment ist dass wir mit dem australischen Vetrieb Odin’s Eye Entertainment zusammengehen, die den Film jetzt auf dem Markt zur Berlinale mit Vorverkäufen launchen werden. Unten stehend ist ihre Pressemitteilung.

– Auch fix ist jetzt, dass es eine deutsch-belgisch-kanadische Co-Produktion zwischen MovieBrats Pictures, Walking The Dog und Tangent Animation wird

Hier die Pressemitteilung von Odinś Eye Entertainment:


This European Film Market (EFM), Odin’s Eye Entertainment (OEE) will embark on an epic journey across the Arabian Desert, commencing pre-sales on HUMP (3D), a $16 million 3D animated feature.

Billed as a combination of the classic storytelling of The Lion King & Homeward Bound with the comedy hi-jinks of Ice Age, Hump is an action packed and inspiring tale of friendship and diversity for families everywhere.

Hump follows the misadventures of Rami, a timid, yet kindhearted camel who sets out on a daring journey across the Arabian Desert with a pair of unlikely companions, an ill-tempered goat and an overconfident desert fox, determined to reunite him with his owner and best friend, Omar, a 10 year-old Bedouin boy.

Currently in Pre-Production, Hump is scheduled for completion mid 2019. Already generating buzz it has also been selected for presentation at the prestigious Cartoon Movie forum in Bordeaux this coming March.

Based on an original screenplay by Sundance audience award winner Amin Matalqa and Matt Antonelli, Hump is to be directed by Disney & Pixar veteran director and story artist Rob Gibbs. The pic is to be produced by Germany’s MovieBrats Pictures (Lost Place 3D, Zoology) along with leading Belgian animation studio Walking the Dog (Richard the Stork; A Monster in Paris) and Canada’s Tangent Animation (Ozzy, winner of two Goya awards).

“Today, more than ever, the world needs universal stories of hope, companionship and trust and we are confident that Hump will resonate with distributors and audiences worldwide,” said OEE Founder Michael Favelle.

MovieBrats‘ CEO Alexander Weimer said: “HUMP has all the right elements of a great rollercoaster adventure with really funny characters, but it also allows itself to be really emotional, and ultimately become a movie that champions kindness, courage and that sometimes we have to look beyond the imperfections in others to find greatness.”

“We are extremely excited to be in partnership with Odin’s Eye, Tangent and Walking the Dog. We have assembled an incredible team of artists dedicated to delivering a world class animated adventure that will be loved the world over,” Weimer adds.

„Tangent Animation are extremely excited to be working with MovieBrats, Walking the Dog and Odin’s Eye on this compelling adventure and feel the project exemplifies the very best of synergistic co-production advantages“ said Ken Zorniak, CEO of Tangent Animation.


Jobangebote in Berlin: MovieBrats Studios is hiring

Happy hump day, VFX Peeps! MovieBrats Studios is hiring: SENIOR COMPITORS (Nuke) | 3D GENERALISTS (Maya) | FX ARTISTS (Houdini) | MATTE PAINTERS | Starting from August through December at our facilities in Berlin. Please send your latest reels and CV to AND PLEASE NOTE: A valid working permit for the European Union is required! Unfortunately, MovieBrats can not assist you in obtaining one. Please share!

BREAKING NEWS – ANNECY 2016/ Berliner Studio MOVIEBRATS verpflichtet PIXAR Regisseur fuer deutschen Feature Film „HUMP“


Former Pixar director J.G. to helm 3D animated feature film HUMP for MovieBrats

ANNECY (France), June 16, 2016 — Berlin-based production house MovieBrats Pictures lands at this year’s Festival de Annecy/MIFA with the announcement that its 3D animated desert adventure HUMP will be directed by former Pixar director J.G. from a script by Sundance Film Festival Award winner director Amin Matalqa and Matthew Antonelli.

HUMP tells the adventurous story of a clumsy camel, Rami, who sets out on an epic journey to find his best friend, a Bedouin boy named Omar. Joined by a cunning desert fox claiming to be a prince and a mistrusting goat, the trio must endure each other’s company while crossing the harsh Arabian desert, where dangers loom around every corner.


„It’s a great script about a journey of characters stuck together across the expansive desert
with wonderful emotional bonds that any audience can relate to. The touching ending is so
satisfying you’ll want to see it again and again,“ says J.G.
„We are very thrilled to have J.G. at the helm. With his longstanding experience in universal
storytelling he is the right one to make sure that audiences around the globe respond equally
to the adventure of Rami and his friends,“ adds producer Alexander Weimer.
Co-writer Matalqa says of the inspiration to write HUMP: „In a time where the world has
grown to perceive the Middle East as a culture of anger, hate, and violence, I’ve strived to
use the medium of animated film to show the gentle human side of that world where I grew
up, and create cultural bridges between East and West. The power of entertainment through
animation couldn’t be more timely.“
The project is currently in development with production set to start in spring 2017. It is
produced by MovieBrats Pictures‘ Alexander Weimer and Esther Friedrich with Amin Matalqa
and former Pixar story manager Ryan Lynch (Brave) and in co-production with Belgiumbased
animation studio Walking The Dog. Grammy-nominated/BAFTA-winning composer
Austin Wintory is providing the songs and score. HUMP was first presented in 2015 at
Cartoon Movie in Lyon.
Director J.G. started out at Disney with story and writing duties on such classics as
Pocahontas and Fantasia 2000, before he went on to work for Pixar Animation Studios
where he was a story artist on Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo and Up, among
others. He went into directing with the Cars tie-in short Tokyo Mater and later directed and
co-directed numerous episodes of the Pixar-produced tv shows Mater’s Tall Tales and
Tales From Radiator Springs. HUMP will mark his feature directing debut.
Co-writer and producer Amin Matalqa is the writer-director behind Sundance Audience
Award winning live action feature Captain Abu Raed. Matalqa went on to direct The United
for Walt Disney Pictures and just recently finished his fourth feature film as director, The
Rendezvous, starring Stana Katic (from ABC’s The Castle), set for a US release later this
MovieBrats Pictures‘ previous and current titles include the German-language mystery thriller
Lost Place 3D (released locally by NFP/Warner) and the Russian-French-German coproduction
of the supernatural drama Zoology that will have its international premiere at
Karlovy Vary Film Festival in July. Other current international projects include the horror
thriller Dark Compass and the Chinese animated feature The Dumpling Queen.
MovieBrats Pictures is headquartered in Berlin where it also runs an affiliate animation and
visual effects house, MovieBrats Studios.

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