Hier die INDAChs Kritik von Esther Kaufmann zu „ÜBERFLIEGER – Kleine Vögel, Großes Geklapper“

„Überflieger“ hat einen etwas komischen Tital, hinter dem sich ein bezaubernder Film verbirgt. Reza Memari ist ein sehr geschätzter Kollege, der eine ebenso persönliche wie allgemeingültige Geschichte erzählt. Die Animation ist extrem witzig und vor allem der Gegensatz von Tier- und Menschenwelt ist wunderbar gelöst. Beides ist weder zu naturalistisch noch zu übertrieben und man wird sofort in die Welt der Vögel eingesaugt. Besonders toll ist auch der Witz, denn die Gags sind perfekt gesetzt und haben meine Lachmuskeln ideal getroffen. Eine absolute Empfehlung!

Esther Kaufmann

Esther Kaufmann
Autorin und Dramaturgin
Writer and dramatic advisor

Teaser zum neuen Film der Gebrüder Lauenstein und Studio Rakete

Sneak Peek of ‚Luis & The Aliens‘

Growing up with a ufologist father (Armin Sonntag), obsessed with proving the existence of aliens, 12 year old Luis hasn’t had an easy or normal upbringing.
Nobody believes Armin, including Luis, so it comes as quite a big surprise when three strange little aliens (Mog, Nag and Wabo) crash land right behind their house. Luis excitedly wants to show his Dad that he had been right all along, but discovers that Armin hates and fears aliens.
Meanwhile the school’s principal suspects that Luis is suffering from neglect and should be removed from his father’s custody.
A wild adventure begins with Luis and his new friends from outer space trying to reach the mothership, to bring the aliens and maybe even Luis back to space, away from all the dangers and problems of Earth…

Hier gehts zur Webseite von Studio Rakete mit weiteren Hinweisen zum Projekt:


Global Screen übernimmt den Weltvertrieb der Hamburger Co-Produktion „MY FAIRY TROUBLEMAKER & ME“

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! „Meine Chaosfee & ich“/ „My Fairy Troublemaker & Me“ (AT) wird entwickelt von den Hamburger Produktionshäusern Ella Films und Fortune Cookie Film und hat nun in Global Screen einen Weltvertrieb für das Projekt gefunden, diese werden es in Berlin auf dem European Film Markt anbieten.

Hier zur Berlinale die Pressemeldung von Global Screen:

Global Screen Adds New 3D Animation to EFM Line-up: MY FAIRY TROUBLEMAKER & ME

Munich, January 23, 2017 | Global Screen has picked up world-wide distribution rights to English-language production MY FAIRY TROUBLEMAKER & ME, a new 3D animation sparkling with humor and magic and targeted to the entire family.

10-year-old boisterous Maxie is furious. Instead of strolling through the woods at her granny’s house, she now has to live in the city, fight with her two new annoying stepbrothers and play the good girl for her mum’s new boyfriend. She can’t believe her eyes when one morning a clumsy, funny, little fairy swirls around her head, looking for a baby tooth she is supposed to bring back to the fairy world. Her name is Violetta and in the human world for the very first time, she hopelessly falls for chocolate and anything sweet, soon forgetting about her mission and stranding in Maxie’s house. With the magical powers of Violetta however weakening every day, Maxie and Violetta strike a deal: In return for helping her get back to the fairy world, Violetta will magically conjure Maxie back to her grandmother’s house. But all goes wrong and only Maxie’s stepbrothers now can help. Who turn out not to be so bad after all…

Producer Maite Woköck states, “MY FAIRY TROUBLEMAKER & ME is a suspenseful, charming and high-end 3D-animated feature film. The screenplay, full of action, humor, magic and heart lets us lough about our little weaknesses and shows that with a real friend everything is possible. This project is my heart project, my “hell yes”.”

We are happy to present this magical adventure at the upcoming EFM and we are sure our buyers will be amazed by its charming and unique characters and its fast-paced script. It has all ingredients to make for great entertainment for the whole family,” states Alice Buquoy, Senior Sales and Acquisitions Manager at Global Screen.

MY FAIRY TROUBLEMAKER & ME is produced by Fortune Cookie Film and Ella Film, both Hamburg, in co-production with Fabrique d’Images, Luxemburg, (“Ooops! Noah is Gone…” and “Luis and the Aliens”), based on the script by screenwriter Silja Clemens.

Currently in pre-production, the film is planned for delivery in 2020. Global Screen will start preselling the film at upcoming EFM.


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