Lumatic, Berlin: VFX breakdowns von „Er ist wieder da“

„Er ist wieder da“ ist jetzt als DVD oder Blu Ray erhältlich, sowie auf Netflix zu finden.

Lumatic, Berlin war für die VFX verantwortlich!

Selected breakdowns of the extensive effects work we did on the movie „Look who’s back“ / „Er ist wieder da“. Our tasks included set supervision, compositing, set extensions and the animation / integration of a digital dog.

“Deadpool” Visual Effects Breakdown

“Deadpool” marks the beginning of a new era for superhero films, and one sequence in particular was key to setting the tone. This is an in-depth VFX breakdown reel showcasing the behind-the-scenes efforts by the Atomic Fiction team. The work involved creating computer generated characters, vehicles, and an entire urban environment, for the thrilling car chase that kicks off this new franchise!

Special thanks to Tim Miller, Jonathan Rothbart, our friends at Blur, and 20th Century Fox for the opportunity to contribute to these sequences.

Music Credit: Deadpool (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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