AnimSchool: Storyteller or Animator?

AnimSchool Tips:

Accepting Storytelling through Animation What is the role of an animator? Is it to have the best spline pass? Is it to have a masterful lip sync? At its heart, the role of an animator is to be a storyteller. As animators, we have to bring characters to life but it’s our choices, how a character jumps, how a character sits, even how a character breathes, that tell the story underneath. From a walk cycle to a dramatic all-out fight, every decision made by an animator can tell a different story. Similar to a painting, posing in animation is an integral part of storytelling, every frame gets sculpted, every pose is thought out and together the sequence can become a masterpiece.

In a snippet from a LIVE AnimSchool class, Brendan Fagan takes us through the main role of an animator as a storyteller by explaining how the fundamentals of storytelling can be combined with the principles of animation to produce unparalleled animators.

At AnimSchool, we teach students who want to make 3D characters move and act. Our instructors are professionals at film and game animation studios like Dreamworks, Pixar, Sony Pictures, Blizzard & Disney. ⁠ Our alumni currently enjoy a 92% placement in the industry within 6 months of graduating.

Start your animation journey in our accredited online animation program at (ACCSC)⁠

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