11. Juni 2021 Johannes Wolters

Annecy 2021 Hybrid: 🏆 Mifa Animation Industry Award 2021 presented to Triggerfish Animation Studios

#animation #AnnecyFestival #AnnecyMifa #Mifa #AnimationIndustryAward #PrixMifa🏅

„In this year of celebrating African animation, we wanted to extol the work of an African studio, a genuine trail-blazer of animation in its home country. Its journey in just a few years resulted in the production and shooting of series and feature films which have already earned a constellation of prizes. The studio has helped train talents in South Africa and throughout the African continent, structuring an industry to give all its professionals support. We are overjoyed to bestow this prize on Triggerfish Animation Studios. Congratulations to Stuart Forrest and his entire team!“

Véronique Encrenaz, Head of Mifa

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