20. Januar 2020 Johannes Wolters

Berlin: Animation Collaborative Masterclass with Michael Makarewicz – April 4th-5th 2020

Nico Ostermann darf zurecht stollz sein, hier seine Nachricht an alle Interessierten:

A quick info from my side for tonight: WE DID IT AGAIN!

Thanks to Rotor Film & Baby Giant Hollyberg – and of course the wonderfull Animation Collaborative and Michal Mackarewicz and Johnny Arkoosh – we are able to offer the Animation Collaborative Masterclass again after 7 years:


This time it will be held close to Berlin in Potsdam. April 4th and 5th.

For more information feel free to e-mail me.

Best, Nico

The Animation Collaborative along with Rotor Film and Baby Giant Hollyberg are proud to present the Animation Demo & Lecture Masterclass with instructor Michal Makarewicz; Co-Founder of the Animation Collaborative and Lead Animator at Pixar Animation Studios!

Geared toward students and experienced animators, this masterclass discusses animation from a feature film perspective, breaking down and explaining the simplest to most complex theories, ideas, and choices.

We believe that true understanding of the animation process goes beyond simply discussing the subject matter. Our Animation Demo & Lecture Masterclass offers the unique opportunity to see how one of the industry’s top professionals approach animation through 8 in-depth lecture and three live demonstrations.

Get the tools you need to create your own feature-quality animation, and don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity to meet and network with others in the industry!


In-Depth Lectures Include:

  • Eyes
  • Brows
  • Working with Dialogue
  • Variety of Animation Workflows
  • The Graph Editor
  • Polish
  • Timing
  • Q&A
  • Acting, Performance and Theory

Live Demonstrations in MAYA:

  • Bouncing Ball
  • Complex Physical Shot
  • Performance Acting Shot


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