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Go to My Cartoon „My Projects > Cartoon Movie 2018 > Submit a new project“

DEADLINE to submit your project: 24 November 2017


– A project of animated feature film in 3 categories: in concept, in development or in production
– of a minimum running time of 60 min
– min. 50% of animation
– Please check the regulations to be sure your project is eligible
– For the duration of the pitching sessions, have a look at „How Cartoon Movie works


  • 1. Prepare all the required elements as listed on this page (synopsis, images, project file, letter, etc) or in the toolbox English – French
  • 2. Go to My Cartoon (tab on top right of the page) and login or create an account
  • 3. Click on My Projects > Cartoon Movie > Submit a new project 
    – Each step will be saved when you click on „Next„, so no need to fill it all in at once
    – You can go back to your form anytime to finalise it by clicking on „My Cartoon“ (your name will be displayed if you are logged in)
    – You will receive a summary by email once it is completed

STEP 1: Prepare all the elements that you will need for the online form:

1. Synopsis

Short description of the story, to be published in the official e-Catalogue and on our website
 In English
– Max. 700 characters including spaces

2. Project File (PDF)

Prepare a file to present your project in the best way, adding the elements that best describe it in order to convince the Selection Committee.

You will find below some suggestions of elements to put in the file, but you are free to re-arrange them.

  • Summary page with the title, producers and co-producers, length, audience,…
  • The synopsis
  • Several attractive stills of the project
  • The treatment / storylines (extensive description of the story)
  • A description of the characters
  • A note of intent
  • A description of the state of progress

– 1 single PDF
– Try not to exceed 25 pages
– In English
– Max 35 MB 

Note: we no longer ask for the full storyboard, the European cooperation letters or the points table.

3. Letter of interest

Each project must be accompanied by a written statement of interest from a distributor, sales agent or broadcaster, attesting to their interest of the project (optional for the projects in concept). In the online form you will need to provide:

– Name of the company
– Name of contact person
– Email address of this person
– PDF of the letter

4. Images

Prepare 3 nice stills of the project for a double page in the e-Catalogue, for our website, for our agenda and for the press.

WARNING: please be aware that you won’t be able to change the pictures once the project has been submitted.

Look at a preview of how the projects will be published on the website and on the e-catalogue.

  • 1 vertical still
– 1920×2560 px, RGB, jpg, max 10 MB
– WITH the title of your project
– WITH the logos or name of the production companies 
– For a full page in the e-Catalogue
– For the press
  • 1 horizontal still
– 1920×1150 px, RGB, jpg
– without any text, max 10 MB
– This image has to be different from the vertical one.
– For the pop-up of your project on our website
– AND for the e-Catalogue
– AND for the press
  • 1 square still
650×650 px, jpg only, max 1 MB Thumbnail for our website

5. Video

Do you have some images to show? You will be able to enter a url on the online form. You can also send us a USB stick or DVD to the Cartoon office.

  • Mandatory for films in production: a pilot or extract of the film (5 min)

Optional for the other categories.

STEP 2: Go to My Cartoon

Click on My Cartoon (tab on the top right of the page) and login or create an account. This will allow you to come back anytime to your form, so don’t forget your log in and password.

STEP 3: Click on My projects and fill in the online form

– In My Projects, click on Submit a new project and fill in the form. You can navigate through the pages, save for later or go to the next page.
Don’t refresh a page, it will close the form!
– Fill in all the fields (be careful with digit-only fields and valid email addresses), and upload your PDFs and images
– At the end of the form, you will have a summary that you can review
– When you are ready, click on Submit
– WARNING: once it is submitted, you won’t be able to modify the data, so make sure to review them before submitting!

If your project is selected: a trailer will be needed by 9 February 2018

Project in concept Max. 45 sec.
Note: the trailer is not compulsory but we would strongly advise you to have one in order to avoid the discrepancy with the other projects.
Project in development 30 sec. to 1 min.
Film in production max. 1 min.

Read more about the trailers.


24 NOV Deadline for project submission
12 DEC Selection of the projects
A Selection Committee will examine the application files to make sure they conform to Cartoon Movie’s regulations and decide whether they are admissible. Producers will be informed of the Selection Committee’s decision shortly after that date.
21 DEC Participant registration deadline for Cartoon Movie & Cartoon Games Deadline for paying the participation and subscription fees
14 JAN Producers whose project has been selected can’t decide to withdraw their project after 14 January 2018, or they will have to pay the sum of 1000 EUR. This rule is set in order to be fair to the other producers who didn’t have the opportunity to be selected.
19 JAN Cartoon Games & Apps: deadline for submitting your company elements (if registered)
29 JAN Deadline for paying the travel and accommodation expenses
9 FEB Deadline for submitting your trailer for the Croissant & Coffee Shows
26 FEB Schedule of the pitching sessions CARTOON will send you the date and time of your presentation. Please note that we will not consider any special requests from producers.
7 MAR Cartoon Games & Apps
7-9 MAR Cartoon Movie

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