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CARTOON FORUM - 20-23 September 2021 - Toulouse, Occitanie

Press release, Cartoon Forum 2021

Each year since 2016, Cartoon Forum brings a country into the spotlight celebrating their originality, their special strength or their wonderful contribution to the world of animation.

This year, we celebrate Portugal.

Portugal’s ability to foster talented artists means that there are a great many Portuguese animators working in studios all around Europe.

Meet the Portuguese producers and talents presenting their original and funny projects.
  • Biriki – In the world of Biriki, as in life, it happens that what appears normal instead hides surprises and unknown sides or extraordinary phenomena burst into the paths of everyday life.
    Produced by Sparkle Animation (Portugal) – Coproduced by Abano Producións (Spain)
  • Pete & Bern’s – Pete and Bern’s are two siblings hatched from the same egg, a connection that makes them inseparable. Despite this they have almost nothing in common, but they must learn to co-exist with each other.
    Produced by Sardinha em Lata (Portugal)
  • The Aventures of Princess P – In the magical Kingdom K, a young girl is about to make big changes… Princess P is a girl of strong convictions: an advocate for the weakest, a true environmentalist. In each episode, she faces new challenges that test her beliefs, in a universe where anything is possible.
    Produced by Ukbar Filmes (Portugal)
  • The Saskatoons – Meet Gigi and Alex, two unlikely heroes who are becoming world experts on saving the world from powerful ancient forces. Their adventures find them on the frontline when mischievous powers are unleashed from historical artefacts.
    Produced by Pikkukala (Spain) – Coproduced by Sardinha em Lata (Portugal)
  • What’s It All About? – We’ll follow the “What’s it all About?” family, with their magic van, in a series of adventures through the mysteries of science. From the wonders of the universe to microscopic enigmas, nothing is impossible for the curiosity of our characters.
    Produced by Take It Easy (Portugal)

Join us to discover these projects at Cartoon Forum!


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