16. Juni 2021 Johannes Wolters

Expanded Animation Talk: „Live-Action Meets Animation: Creating On-Gaku: Our Sound“

Expanded Animation Exhibition presented by Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion in association with Annecy Festival 2021/MIFA visit our website: https://jmaf-promote.jp/animation2021


Online Event: Talk Series „“Live-Action Meets Animation: Creating On-Gaku: Our Sound“ IWAISAWA Kenji / Director DOI Nobuaki / Animation Researcher/Critic/Producer Three talk sessions with artists, critics and other experts delving deep into Japanese animation’s dynamic evolution, touching on themes such as the expansion of generations, genre and screens. for more information: https://jmaf-promote.jp/animation2021… ****************

4:37 On-Gaku: Our Sound outline and post-release reaction

8:10​ Career before On-Gaku: Our Sound

11:03 Independent feature-length animation: a rare form in Japan

16:34 Japan Media Arts Festival: Why Entertainment Division, not Animation Division?

18:57 Regarding original manga creator OHASHI Hiroyuki

20:40 How you came to create On-Gaku: Our Sound

23:29 Mixing animation and live-action: rotoscoping

29:17 The long production schedule and its challenges

32:32 Mixing animation and live-action: holding a music festival for the climactic scene

38:15 Fusion of animation and music

43:33 What you wanted to portray through On-Gaku: Our Sound

53:51 Next projects?

58:02 Message for overseas viewers


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