9. Februar 2020 Johannes Wolters

Folimage: Artist in Residence Applications 2020

*** DEADLINE : May 4th, 2020 ***

Refocussing on young audience animation films, FOLIMAGE, an animation studio based in Valence (South of France), is issuing a new call for projects :


The Artist-in-Residence program has been created to give authors an opportunity to make a personal five-minute animation film, that combines comedy and humour aimed at 5 to 7 year-olds.

*** DEADLINE : May 4th, 2020 ***

Applications must include the following documents :

  • The application form, filled out, to be downloaded on www.folimage.fr
  • A CV along with an overview of previous projects (teaser or films)
  • A detailed description of the project : synopsis, script, statement of intent, storyboard extract, graphic design, technical process…

> A PDF version is to be sent to : contact(at)folimage.fr
> A printed version can be sent to the following address :

La Résidence jeune public
Palais consulaire – 3 place Simone Veil
26000 Valence (France)


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