12. Februar 2020 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „Night Light“ by Qing Han

Basic rundown of how this was done: http://qinni.tumblr.com/post/46871873465

My animated short film, which I did in 2012. I remember spending over at least 4-5 months where I worked on this for almost 12 hours every day until it was done. It’s the last (proper) animation I’ve ever done. I’m not sure if I could ever slog through it again though. Sorry for the absence from Youtube, I’ve been really tired and worn out from work and trying to finish a sketch everyday…but it’s so hard… Thank you guys so much for all the love here. Hope you guys are okay with this little old thing. I have 2 more painting processes lying around, I just need to get around to editing and polishing it…it’s a lot of work…xD;;.

Music Composed by Paul Levasseur: https://www.facebook.com/PaulEmilLeva…

End music: Chopin Nocturn Op.9, No.2, performed by Aya Higuchi. both performance and piece are public domain, courtesy of Musiopen.org

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