3. Mai 2016 Johannes Wolters

Technical Director Session @ FMX 2016

The Institute of Animation offers a 30-month training program for computer science graduates who are aiming to become Technical Directors (TD). The program combines students’ previous technical knowledge with actual film projects. Working in a production team, they learn how to solve real-world problems. They design setups and rigs, acquire experience in lighting, shading, rendering, textures and effects, learn how to work with expressions and scripts, to program tools and plug-ins, to automate animation and other processes as well as to set up workflows and production pipelines. As part of the curriculum, students can actively participate in the Institute’s research and development projects.

Speakers are TD students in their fourth year of studies:

Alexander Richter – ANIMAN (Motion Capture of Animals & Photogrammetry of Humans), arPipeline, Lighting & Shading with Arnold

Marcel Rügenberg – Shading & FX Breaking Point, Realtime Graphics / Projection Mapping für Vernetzt/’Connected‘, Solid Texture Synthesis

Julian Oberbeck – Rigging ITFS trailers 2015 procedural setup and manual extension, Installation based VR game zombiewash, Deformation Transfer for MoSh, Android mobile game King smasher aka blaubeerjoghurt

Application deadline for fall 2016 is May 15, 2016!

Further information at: http://td.animationsinstitut.de

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