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——————- SYNOPSIS ——————-

When marine wildlife suffer the pollution surrounding it, the rules of survival change…

——————- DIRECTED BY ——————-

Florian Brauch – vimeo.com/florianbrauch
Matthieu Pujol – vimeo.com/user3138593
Kim Tailhades – vimeo.com/user38938464
Yohan Thireau – vimeo.com/yohanthireau
Romain Thirion – vimeo.com/user28112646

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Das Showreel 2018 von Pauline Kortmann, Berlin

Hier Paulines Webseite: http://www.nasenfisch.de/

Froschwetter / Frog Weather (short film)
Jet (commercial, client: Bayerl in Hamburg / ad.quarter)
At the bakery (intro for documentary, client: Stories Unlimited/HWK)
The Value of soil (explanatory film, client: Climate Media Factory)
Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten (intro for feature film, client: Lieblingsfilm)
Bock’s Bühne (trailer for event location)
Smile (2D animation for music video by Sven Schrader)
DB – S4 (explanatory film, client: Bayerl in Hamburg / Deutsche Bahn)
Chicken Wings (short film)
Cobenefits (explanatory film, client: Climate Media Factory)
Lokomoschine (2D animation for short film by Ulrike Schulz & Nikolai Neumetzler)
Unexpected Parcel Service (short film by Laura Oechel)
Outlaws in air city (explanatory film, client: Climate Media Factory)
Nimbus (explanatory film, client: Bayer)
Thoughts of the week (2D animation for interview clip, client: 6sept13)
The Inner World (game, client: Studio Fizbin)
Happy Holidays (short film, client: Moviebrats)

Andreas Feix – Demoreel 2017-2018

– A quick demoreel cut together, showcasing my comp work in feature film from the past 2 years.
Projects include:

‚Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ (ILM London) – digital compositing & supporting tech work
‚Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom‘ (ILM London) – digital compositing
‚Ready Player One‘ (ILM London) – digital compositing
‚Transformers: The Last Knight‘ (ILM London) – digital compositing & supporting tech work
‚Christopher Robin‘ (Framestore) – digital compositing
‚Ghost in the Shell‘ (MPC Design) – digital compositing

Some of the clips were only available in mediocre quality, but will be replaced once there’s a better source available. Also the edit may feel a little jarring in certain areas, due to the fact it had to be cut within day.

Nevertheless, enjoy 🙂

For previous works relating to earlier TV/commercial work, kindly watch my demoreel from November 2016:

Angelika Waigands Showreel!


Hello! My name is Angi and I am an animator and illustrator based in the UK.
I specialise in illustration, 2D animation, concept art and storytelling.
Currently, I am working on my short film called „Grow“.

Film, art and music are an important part of my life. If I am not drawing or animating, I am probably writing and recording my own music, running around with my Helios vintage lens or busy stargazing by the beach.

I am currently available for freelance work.
Interested in working with me? Get in touch, I would love to hear from you:

Das Showreel von Matthias Daenschel

Showreel des Diplomanimators und Filmemachers Matthias Daenschel. Das Reel zeigt die große Bandbreite an Stilen und Techniken des Künstlers. Es enthält ausgewählte Arbeiten aus den Bereichen Kino, TV, Theater, Oper, Erklärfilm und Trickfilmworkshops.

Hier der Link zu Matthias Website: http://www.matthiasdaenschel.de/

Hier der Linkedin-Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthias-daenschel-121060114/

V-Ray Showreel 2018


We are proud to share our 2018 VFX & Animation Showreel showcasing some incredible work by
V-Ray and Phoenix FD customers from around the world.

Heartfelt thanks to all contributors (in order of appearance):



Jan Philip Cramer – Animation Director – Reel

All the work displayed in this video has been supervised by me at Digital Domain as Animation Director & Weta Digital as Animation Supervisor. The reel represents the beautiful work & dedication of my team in both companies since 2010. It includes shots from Avengers: Infinity War (Marvel Studios), Spider-Man: Homecoming (Marvel Studios), Deadpool (20th Century Fox), X-Men: Days of Future Past (20th Century Fox), Rise of the Tomb Raider (Microsoft), Ender’s Game (Digital Domain), Jack the Giant Slayer (New Line), Pixels (Columbia Pictures), Night at the Museum: the Emperors Tomb ((20th Century Fox), Pixels (Columbia Pictures) and The A-Team (20th Century Fox).


‘Babylon Berlin’ Crowd Simulation | Andreas Giesen | Houdini HIVE Annecy


[Recording of presentation from Annecy International Animated Film Festival on June 12, 2018]

RISE presents the tech behind over 800 shots for the most expensive non-English series to date: Babylon Berlin.

Focusing on the Houdini work we take an in-depth look at the crowd system created for this show, including cloth simulations and approaches to streamline retargeting and animation workflows.



Avengers: Infinity War | VFX Reel by Rise Studios

Webseite: Rise FX

Founded in 2007 by Sven, Robert, Markus and Florian, RISE consisted of a small room with four computers. Today the Berlin office alone spans three floors, additional offices in Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne and Vienna add to the more than 2000 square meters of space, with over 80 full-time staff and as many as 120 freelancers travelling across the globe to design essential parts of the biggest films today.

RISE was founded on the idea of an artist driven visual effects company where passion for outstanding design reigns supreme, creating the highest possible standard of visual effects for cinema and television. However in the ten years since it’s inception RISE’s reputation has grown even faster than it’s floor plan; and beyond all expectation. To date RISE has contributed visual effects to some of the most successful movie franchises including Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Harry Potter. Creating photo-real digital environments, characters, fx animation and complex simulation work.

The ability to quickly grow to accommodate the needs of big studio productions, to develop in-house tools and software for specialist tasks, and access to some of the worlds finest CG and visual effects artists is what clearly sets RISE above the rest.

The only things that haven’t changed since 2007 are Florian, Markus, Robert, Sven, and their passion and dedication to film and top-notch visual effects.

Hier das aktuelle Showreel von Abdulraheem Younis (Senior 3D Lightning and Rendering Designer, Senior Environment Artist, Support Animation)

Abdulraheem Younis kam vor zwei Jahren aus Syrien nach Deutschland und lebt derzeit in der Nähe von Bremen. Abdulraheem ist frei verfügbar und bereit, sofort den Wohnort zu wechseln für eine neue Aufgabe.

Ich bin ein Senior 3D Lightning and Rendering Designer, Senior Environment Artist, Support Animation mit einer beeindruckenden 17 jährigen Erfahrung im Bereich Trickfilme, TV-Werbung und TV-Programme, Promotion Produktion, Unterhaltung und Nachrichten-Grafik.
Ich bin 38 Jahre alt und lebe seit zweieinhalb Jahre in Deutschland.
Am 24.11.2017 habe ich den Integrationskurs beendet und konnte seither meine Deutschkenntnisse bereits ausweiten. Außerdem spreche ich sehr gut Englisch.
Jetzt suche ich neue Herausforderungen. Mein Ziel ist es, einen Platz unter den besten 3D Artisten einzunehmen. Ich lege großen Wert auf die Qualität meiner Arbeiten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Houdini Customer Reel 2018


Alkemy X
AXIS Studios
Disney / Pixar
Double Negative
Lola Post
Luma Animation
The Mill
Main Road Post / Mirco Paolini
The Marmalade Post
Moving Picture Company: MPC
Mr. X
OLM Digital
Rodeo FX
Sony Pictures Imageworks
VFX Arabia
Weta Digital


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