Mamoru Hosoda on Belle | NYFF59

Mamoru Hosoda discusses Belle, a Spotlight selection at NYFF59, with NYFF Programmer Rachel Rosen.

In his densely beautiful, eye-popping animated spectacle, Academy Award–nominated director Mamoru Hosoda (Mirai) tells the exhilarating story of a shy teenager who becomes an online sensation as a princess of pop. Still grieving over a childhood tragedy, Suzu has a difficult time singing in public or talking to her crush at school, yet when she takes on the persona of her glittering, pink-haired avatar, Belle, in the parallel virtual universe known as the “U,” her insecurities magically disappear. As her star begins to rise, Belle/Suzu finds herself drawn to another “U” fan favorite—a scary but soulful monster whose “real” identity, like Belle’s, becomes a source of fascination for legions. Both a knowing riff on the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale and a moving commentary on the duality of contemporary living, Belle is a thrilling journey into the matrix and a deeply human coming-of-age story, packed with unforgettable images and dazzlingly styled characters.

A GKIDS release.

ROTZBUB – Trailer


Ein saftiger, von Manfred Deix inspirierter Animationsfilm über die Pubertät der Republik, mit hochkarätigen Stimmen und abgefeimt treffsicheren Figuren.

Filmstart: 23.12.2021

Regie: Santiago López Jover, Marcus H. Rosenmüller

Mit: Markus Freistätter, Gerti Drassl, Mario Canedo, Maurice Ernst

Beim Wirten in Siegheilkirchen sitzt ein Rotzbub und zeichnet die nackerte Fleisch-hauerin. Die Bilder erregen den ganzen Ort, der Rotzbub heißt Manfred Deix und hat Talent. Doch Maler braucht so eine Kleinstadt im Österreich der 1960er vor allem zum Überpinseln ihrer braunen Flecken. Zum Glück gibt es das Espresso Jessy, das Bier und den Rock`n ́Roll.

Eines schönen Tages kommen die Roma in den Ort und mit ihnen die furchtlose Mariolina. Endlich gibt es in Siegheilkirchen wirklich etwas zu zeichnen. Aber den Ewiggestrigen im Dorf ist das Fremde natürlich ein Dorn im Auge und sie basteln schon an einer Bombe.

Ein saftiger Animationsfilm inspiriert von Manfred Deix, über die Pubertät der Republik, mit hochkarätigen Stimmen und abgefeimt treffsicheren Figuren.


Marcus H. Rosenmüller ist Spezialist für Lausbubengeschichten. Die Lebensgeschichte von Manfred Deix ist also in besten Händen. Und das österreichische Kino könnte seine Animationsfilm-Tradition mit keiner idealeren Konstellation begründen. Kaum ein Künstler hat Österreichs Selbstbild nach 1945 so geprägt wie Manfred Deix. Seine unverwechselbaren Bilder lernen nun laufen und erzählen uns von den Wurzeln ihrer liebevollen Drastik. Wieso wird einer so und wieso kann dann trotzdem was aus ihm werden? Die Zärtlichkeit, mit der Marcus H. Rosenmüller der Figur des ROTZBUB weit über das Derbe hinaus lebendige Facetten abgewinnt, zeugt von hoher Kompetenz für die Vielschichtigkeit der Provinz. Dieser Film ist ein Denkmal für Nachkriegs-Österreich, und es sind die Randexistenzen, die dabei gut aussteigen.

Markus Freistätter macht den lustvollen Leidensweg seiner Titelrolle spürbar. Und der Cast staubt nur so vor Publikumslieblingen. Bevor wir in die überwältigende Liste einsteigen, seien zwei Cameos besonders hervorgehoben: Armin Assinger als Gendarm ist wohl der Glücksgriff des Jahrtausends und Bilderbuch-Frontman Maurice Ernst als Einfaltspinsel die Entdeckung des Jahrzehnts.

Wolfboy and the Everything Factory — Intro to Adventures with Professor Luxcraft | Apple TV+

Adventure awaits for those who seek it! Join Professor Luxcraft as he takes you through the types of adventures you’ll encounter with Wolfboy and the Everything Factory. Stream Wolfboy and the Everything Factory now, only on Apple TV+ William Wolfe is no ordinary human boy. Down in the magical Spryte realm of the Everything Factory, he’s Wolfboy. And with his new Spryte friends, he learns his vivid imagination and limitless creativity have the power to change the world.

München/Stuttgart: Scanline VFX EU is looking for modelers!

Scanline VFX EU is looking for modelers. Especially looking for those, who enjoy all of the disciplines be it environment / organic, hard surface or character. We also have open positions for modeling leads and supervisors. A lot of cool shows going on and coming up! Join us.

You need to live in the EU. In the best case Germany or the UK.

Real-time Animation: Unlocking Story and Style

Wednesday, September 29
12 PM PDT | 3 PM EDT | 8 PM BST

In this episode of The Pulse, join our host Dan Sarto of Animation World Network as he talks about real-time animation with industry experts David Prescott, SVP of DNEG Animation; Jason Chen, EVP of BRON Digital; Kevin Dart, Founder and Creative Director of Chromosphere; and Karen Dufilho of Epic Games.

The members of the panel will discuss how real-time animation pipelines have unlocked the route to better storytelling in their own projects. By moving from linear, siloed roles to non-linear collaboration and iteration, artists can instantly see results, give feedback, and try different scenarios long before final cut. Due to the workflow’s agile nature, styles and stories that were previously impossible are now within reach. And as a bonus, a real-time workflow naturally leads to transmedia assets for multiple platforms.

Join us as we explore how real-time rendering has changed the traditional animation pipeline, and what we can expect to see in the future. Be sure to stay for the live Q&A at the end.

Dan Sarto
Co-founder, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network

Dan helms Animation World Network (, one of the largest publishers of animation and VFX news and information. Dan has served on juries, delivered keynotes, or moderated panels at numerous industry events such as the Animation Masters Summit and FMX, and is currently Chair of the Computer Animation Festival for SIGGRAPH Asia 2021.

David Prescott
Senior Vice President, Creative Productions, DNEG Animation

David has served as creative supervisor on award-winning projects such as Fight Club, X-Men, and Transformers, and executive producer on the animated short Mr. Spam Gets a New Hat. In his role as a technical innovator, he has created new technical solutions for previs, post, and VFX, such as collaborating on the groundbreaking all-digital color grading process on the film Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Jason Chen
Executive Vice President, Digital, BRON Digital

Jason is a 15-year industry veteran and virtual production expert, supporting technical/VFX integrations for such legendary creatives as James Cameron, Peter Jackson, and Steven Spielberg. His credits include Avatar, Jojo Rabbit, Real Steel, and Thor: Ragnarok. At BRON Digital, Jason is currently producing the animated series Fables.

Kevin Dart
Founder and Creative Director, Chromosphere

Kevin is the founder and creative director of Chromosphere, the design and animation studio behind the Yuki 7 series and the film June, and visual direction on the Carmen Sandiego and City of Ghosts series. He previously worked as an art director and designer for projects like Steven Universe, Inside Out, Her, and The Powerpuff Girls.

Karen Dufilho
Epic Games

Karen is an Academy, Emmy, and Cannes award-winning producer, with credits that include Google Spotlight Stories and Pixar projects related to A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, and Monsters Inc. At Epic, Karen leads the Unreal Shorts program, an initiative to get Unreal Engine into the hands of creators.


Titmouse Workers Ratify IATSE’s First Animation Agreement in Canada

September 27, 2021

VANCOUVER, BC – On September 24, animation workers at Titmouse Vancouver made history by voting to ratify the IATSE’s first animation agreement in Canada. Ballots revealed a resounding 96.9% in support of the new agreement. The agreement will cover approximately 200 workers and also marks the first-ever contract for the recently chartered Animation Guild, IATSE Local 938. Workers at Titmouse voted to join the IATSE last October when over 98% voted in favour of joining the union.

In preparation for these negotiations, a survey was sent to all employees to determine their priorities and make these a focus of bargaining. Standing together resulted in success at the bargaining table. Highlights of the 4-year agreement include defined overtime procedures, increased wage minimums, improved annual wage increases, a 15% premium for employees taking on supervisory duties, increased sick/personal days (and the ability to take half-days), and enhanced RRSPs with a lower fee structure.

“There are real gains for everyone in this agreement,” remarked Emily Gossmann, IATSE Local 938 Senior Steward and member of the bargaining committee, “and these gains will be backed by the strong representation that the IATSE provides.”

“The IATSE is proud to have these talented workers within our ranks,” said IATSE International President Matthew D. Loeb, “and thrilled that they can now begin to experience similar benefits and protections to those long enjoyed by the IATSE-represented animation workers in Los Angeles.”

IATSE International Representative Jeremy Salter was instrumental in organizing the workers and in ensuring they secured a strong agreement. “Animation workers across Canada need better working conditions,” he said. “Workers are tired, underpaid and need overtime protections. Forming a union is the strongest way to address these issues.”

With the ratification behind them, Titmouse animators are looking forward to getting back to doing the work they love, now under the protection of a union agreement.

Animation workers across Canada are encouraged to contact Jeremy Salter at if they would like to begin discussions about forming a union at their animation studio.

Titmouse Workers Ratify IATSE’s First Animation Agreement in Canada

VOYAGERS | Trailer | Sky Cinema

Colin Farrell, Lily-Rose Depp, Tye Sheridan, Fionn Whitehead and Isaac Hempstead-Wright star in this science-action, psychological thriller.

With the future of the human race at stake, a group of young men and women — bred for intelligence and obedience — embark on an expedition to colonize a distant planet. When they uncover disturbing secrets about the mission, they defy their training and begin to explore their most primitive natures. As life on the ship descends into chaos, they soon become consumed by fear, lust and an insatiable hunger for power. Coming to Sky Cinema soon.

September Songs: THE ADDAMS FAMILY 2 | “Crazy Family” ft. Megan Thee Stallion, Maluma & Rock Mafia

We found our new freakishly favorite song! 👻 Introducing “Crazy Family” performed by Megan Thee Stallion, Maluma, and Rock Mafia. Check out the full soundtrack when The #AddamsFamily2 hits theaters and on demand This Friday. About MGM Studios: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. is a leading entertainment company focused on the production and distribution of film and television content globally. The company owns one of the world’s deepest libraries of premium film and television content. In addition, MGM has investments in domestic and international television channels, including MGM-branded channels.

The Faraway Paladin | Official Anime Trailer – New PV

The Faraway Paladin Official Anime Trailer 3 The TV anime „The Faraway Paladin“ will start broadcasting on Saturday, October 9, 2021!

[CAST] Will (William): Maki Kawase Blood: Katsuyuki Konishi Marie: Yui Horie Gas (Augustas): Nobuo Tobita Menel (Mener Doll): Ayumu Murase Bee (Rovina Good Fellow): Eri Suzuki Tonio (Antonio): Koji Yusa Grace Feel: Aoi Yuki Stagnate: Hiroki Takahashi

[STAFF] Original: Kanata Yanagino (published by Overlap Bunko) Character draft: Kususaga Rin Director: Yu Shinoda Series composition: Tatsuya Takahashi Character design: Koji Haneda Music: Ryuichi Takada (MONACA), Keigo Hoashi (MONACA) Animation production : Children ’s Playground Entertainment

[Anime Official Link]

[Official site] [Official Twitter]


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