Advice: The Next Leap: How A.I. will change the 3D industry

„The Next Leap: How A.I. will change the 3D industry“ by Andrew Price Blender Conference 2018 – Thursday 25 October at the Theater.

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Acting & Performance Capture: A Revolution in Technology & Collaboration

Experts in the industry share their insights on acting and performance capture. Panelists include Doug Roble, Richard Clegg, John Nelson, John Knoll, Matt Shumway, CCH Pounder, Dan Lemmon, Karin Konoval and Darren Hendler.

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Advice: The Near Future of Performance Capture by Doug Roble

Senior director of software R&D Doug Roble shares his vision of the future of performance capture during „Acting & Performance Capture: A Revolution in Technology & Collaboration.“

Designing the Stop-Motion Sets of Aardman Animation’s Early Man!

Even though a stop-motion animated film is shot at a smaller-than-life scale, the sets and environments that need to be built for its clay characters can still be massive. Adam Savage enters the production design room at Aardman Animations to learn how Early Man’s sets are blueprinted, prototyped, and then finally built to be filmed, one frame at a time.

Filmakademie Technical Directing Trailer 2018

Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg offers a 30-month training program for computer science graduates who are aiming to become Technical Directors (TD). The program combines students’ previous technical knowledge with actual film projects. Working in a production team, they learn how to solve real-world problems. They design setups and rigs, acquire experience in lighting, shading, rendering, textures and effects, learn how to work with expressions and scripts, to program tools and plug-ins, to automate animation and other processes as well as to set up workflows and production pipelines. As part of the curriculum, students can actively participate in the Institute’s research and development projects.

• English proficiency

• International students are welcome

• Excellent career opportunities

Application deadline for courses starting in fall 2019 is usually mid May 2019.

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Advice: Animating in Japan and Europe with Paul Williams | TVPaint interview

We had the chance to meet animator Paul Williams in Japan. He talks about his work for Japanese studios but also on The Illusionist, Ethel & Ernest and more. Discover his work on

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Advice! The Experts Discuss Why VR Is Here To Stay

Is VR here to stay? Who is watching it? Is it getting easier to make? Should I be focused on AR (Augmented Reality)? Who is actually making money? If you find yourself asking these types of questions, then we hope that you’ll join us at this session, featuring a panel of experts who cover, invest in and analyze the emerging VR industry. Session sponsored by TheWrap


Phil Lelyveld; Entertainment Technology Center; USC School of Cinematic Arts

Steve Lukas; CEO, Across Realities

Frank Patterson; President, Pinewood Atlanta Studios

Malia Probst; Director of Brand Development, VRScout

Moderator: John Canning; Chairman, New Media Council, Producers Guild of America; VP, Interactive Experiences, NBC Entertainment

„Advice!“ – Advice For Aspiring Producers in Animation

The industry’s (and the global audience’s) appetite for animated content has continued to expand. This panel will give attendees insight into the unique challenges of producing animation for both film and television. Our session’s panelists span all forms of animation, ranging from major studio to independent productions, and from CG to 2D to stop-motion. Panelists will discuss the comparative complexity of working in a variety of formats and share realistic expectations for creating successful and memorable animated features and shows.


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