Allan McKay: Should You Go to a VFX School? Senior Compositor Marco Baratto Weighs In.

Allan McKay:

The one most common question I get asked by young VFX Artists is: SHOULD I GO TO A VFX SCHOOL? And I’ve done a few talks on this subject before


I’ve talked about the difference between spending time (and tuition money) at a 4-year college program – as opposed to using that time to learn on the job.

In this brief career talk segment, Senior Compositor and VFX Supervisor Marco Baratto gives his opinion on this frequently asked question. With 10+ years of VFX industry experience, Marco is more than ever interested in being an integral part of it through compositing and creative leadership. An understanding of light, color and composition are essential to his approach. His additional interests include photography, concept art, cinema and mathematics. His most recent credit is the role of a Digital Artist in Christopher Nolan’s OPPENHEIMER. His other credits include EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. If you’re just starting out in VFX and wondering if a 4-year degree would be useful, you might want to check out this interview. As someone who’s grown a successful career in visual effects – and quite quickly! – Marco shares his opinion and experience.

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