Nightmare Alley | Official Teaser Trailer | Searchlight Pictures

Coming soon to cinemas In NIGHTMARE ALLEY, an ambitious carny (Bradley Cooper) with a talent for manipulating people with a few well-chosen words hooks up with a female psychiatrist (Cate Blanchett) who is even more dangerous than he is.
Directed by: Guillermo del Toro
Cast: Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette, Willem Dafoe, Richard Jenkins, Rooney Mara, Ron Perlman, David Strathairn

Cartoon Forum, Toulouse: Cartoon Forum Tributes 2021 – Nominations

The aim of the Cartoon Tributes is to reward outstanding achievements, companies or personalities that have had a positive and dynamic influence on TV animation industry over the last year.

 The nominees for the Tribute Broadcaster of the year 2021 are:

  • Canal+ (FR)
  • France 4 (FR)
  • Ketnet-VRT (BE)
  • Rai Ragazzi (IT)

The nominees for the Tribute Investor of the year 2021 are:

  • Dandelooo (FR)
  • Meta Media Entertainment (UK)
  • MIAM! Animation (FR)
  • Planeta Junior (SP)

The nominees for the Tribute Producer of the year 2021 are:

  • La Station Animation (FR)
  • Sardinha em Lata (POR)
  • TAT productions (FR)
  • Wiggleywoo (IRL)

HAPPY FAMILY 2 – Trailer #1 (2021)

Ein Jahr nach ihrem Abenteuer als Monstertruppe gehen die Wünschmanns wieder ihrem Leben als ganz normale Familie nach – Streitereien, Stress und alltäglicher Familienwahnsinn inklusive! Die überraschende Bekanntschaft mit Mila Starr markiert jedoch den Anfang eines neuen Abenteuers, das alle Probleme verblassen lässt. Als die kampferprobte Mini-Agentin unerwartet auf der Hochzeit von Baba Yaga und Renfield auftaucht und das Paar entführt, bleibt den Wünschmanns nur eine Option, um zu helfen: Sie müssen sich erneut in ihre monstermäßigen Alter Egos verwandeln. Als Mumie, Werwolf, Vampir und Frankensteins Monster verfolgen sie Mila über den gesamten Globus, um sie daran zu hindern, weitere mystische Kreaturen von der Bildfläche verschwinden zu lassen. Doch Milas Monsterjagd ist nur ein Puzzlestück eines ausgeklügelten Plans, bei dem ihre Eltern Marly und Maddox als fiese Strippenzieher agieren.


Jonas Rasmus Poher „FLEE“ – Q&A | TIFF 2021

The team behind FLEE in conversation with TIFF in advance of its premiere at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival. In this poignant animated documentary from Danish filmmaker Jonas Poher Rasmussen, a man shares his journey as a child refugee from Afghanistan.
The 46th Toronto International Film Festival runs September 9 to 18, 2021. For more, visit
FLEE uses animation to tell the story of Amin Nawabi (a pseudonym), who fled Afghanistan as a boy. He relied on human smugglers to reach Denmark, where he now lives. Filmmaker Jonas Poher Rasmussen met Nawabi when they were both in high school. Now in his thirties, Nawabi shares stories about his life’s journey that he’s never revealed before, describing the conditions that forced his family to escape Afghanistan, how he became separated from his siblings in Russia, and how he came of age as a gay man in northern Europe. Animation is uniquely suited to tell this story that would be nearly impossible to visualize any other way.
Art director Jess Nicholls has described the paintings of Edward Hopper as an inspiration for framing and light composition. The film moves between different drawing styles as it shifts between present-day Denmark and other periods of Nawabi’s life, from his childhood in Kabul to months of limbo hiding in Russia. The details of Nawabi’s journey are daunting as he’s repeatedly forced into life-or-death choices. We witness him cross borders physically, emotionally, and psychologically as he learns how to confront his past and build trust in new relationships.
Despite the harrowing stakes, the film — co–executive produced by Riz Ahmed, appearing at the Festival in ENCOUNTER — finds many moments of light and humour, revelling in the joys of pop culture, young romance, and small acts of kindness. Nawabi’s courage in confronting his deepest fears is a powerful act to experience in this artful telling. Jonas Poher Rasmussen is a Danish filmmaker. His many credits include the documentaries Searching for Bill (12) and What He Did (15). Flee (21) is his latest film.

Big News: Trump and Giuliani plot weird, drunk shadow campaign

Big News reacts to Republican outrage over national COVID mandates, Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s strange behavior on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and the scandal that rocked the Creative Arts Emmys as „Tooning Out the News“ loses to „Carpool Karaoke“ with legendary filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld. Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News is Now Streaming, only on Paramount+.

London: DNEG announces Paid Overtime for UK Staff

DNEG Press Release:

DNEG Announces Paid Overtime for UK Staff

We’re proud to announce that we are introducing enhanced overtime for our UK employees – a departure from industry norms in the UK.

Beginning in October, we will pay overtime at 1.5x rate for any incremental time that our UK staff in non-management positions are asked to work beyond the standard 40-hour week.

The move brings our UK overtime policy in line with our North American studios, and applies across our film and episodic visual effects, DNEG Animation, and ReDefine operations in London, including all our artist, production, technology, and support teams.

We’re proud to be leading the way in our industry and to be able to recognise the dedication and commitment of our teams.

Chris Burn

Our General Manager for the London studio, Chris Burn, said:
“I’m immensely proud that DNEG is the first of the big visual effects studios to offer paid overtime to our teams in the UK. As a global leader in the VFX and animation industries and the UK’s largest employer in the sector with approximately 700 staff in our London office, DNEG is constantly evaluating ways to recognise the dedication and loyalty of our teams. The last 18 months have been challenging for all of us, and I am delighted that we are now in a position to make this commitment to our UK employees as we move into a very busy period for the London studio. This is a fair decision for our employees and the right thing to do for the Creative Industries in the UK. Our team in London has a key long-term role in leading DNEG’s visual effects and animation work on feature films such as The Matrix Resurrections, Ron’s Gone Wrong and upcoming DC movies The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”
Tom Jacomb
Tom Jacomb, President DNEG Animation, added:
“DNEG is challenging UK industry norms and conventions by providing overtime for any extra hours that we ask our crews to work. Our supervisory and production teams do what they can to avoid the need for overtime, but sometimes it is an inevitable consequence of the work that we do and the deadlines we meet. While DNEG has always offered our UK crews ‘time off in lieu’ for extra hours worked, I am so very pleased that we are now leading the way and compensating our artists, production and support staff with a properly structured overtime policy that goes a long way to acknowledging their immense contributions.”

Namit Malhotra

Our CEO Namit Malhotra said:
“Since taking the reins as CEO of DNEG, my driving purpose has been to build a world-class, industry-leading organisation with a global network of integrated studios, and to institute best practices across all areas of our business, from visual effects, to animation, to new areas such as IP and content creation, and gaming. This proactive initiative to offer enhanced overtime to our London artists and support teams brings the UK studio in line with our locations in North America. We’re not doing this because we have to. We’re doing this to ensure our London teams are compensated fairly for their work. This is another example of how DNEG is leading from the front, creating long-term sustainability in our industry and rewarding the valued commitment of our crews. Over the last few years we have been transforming the way we work, bringing in some of the best people in our industry and winning many awards along the way; now it is time to come back to where it all started for DNEG and show our ongoing commitment to the London team.”

DUNE Cinema Intro + Q&A | TIFF 2021

The team behind DUNE in conversation with TIFF following its premiere at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival. Denis Villeneuve’s much-anticipated retelling of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic stars Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, and Zendaya.
The 46th Toronto International Film Festival runs September 9 to 18, 2021.
For more, visit
Timothée Chalamet leads a remarkable cast in one of the most anticipated films of the year. Adapting Frank Herbert’s legendary novel for a true big-screen experience, Denis Villeneuve confirms his status as that rarest of artists, a visionary maker of blockbusters. DUNE delivers a complete immersion into new, spectacular worlds. Paul Atreides (Chalamet) is heir to the throne that governs the most important planet in the known universe, Arrakis. His father Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) rules Arrakis, but the desert planet’s chief natural resource, a drug nicknamed the spice that gives its users superhuman powers, makes it the target of violent battles and the constant threat of political treachery. House Atreides will need the help of the Fremen people in the desert, but they insist on their own autonomy. The desert has its own predators as well — gargantuan, merciless sandworms. Paul, who has been raised in a bubble of privilege, now stands at the moment when he must prepare himself for leadership and for battle.
Villeneuve propels DUNE through eyepopping action sequences set against dazzling vistas, always grounding what’s at stake in the emotional lives of his characters. Josh Brolin does terrific work as warrior Gurney Halleck, training Paul for the battles ahead. Rebecca Ferguson plays all the complex nuances of Lady Jessica, a character expanded and given more depth here than in the novel. And just watch Zendaya work in her role as a Fremen desert warrior. From start to finish, DUNE is awe-inspiring — and it’s just the beginning. Denis Villeneuve was born in Gentilly, Quebec, and studied film at l’Université du Québec à Montréal. His feature Polytechnique (09) received nine Genie Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. His other acclaimed features include Un 32 août sur terre (98), Maelström (00), Incendies (10), Prisoners (13), Enemy (13), Sicario (15), and Arrival (16), all of which played the Festival, and Blade Runner 2049 (17). Dune (21) is his latest film.

Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Official Trailer | Disney+



Starring Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, “Hawkeye” also features Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d’Arcy James and newcomer Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez. Helmed by Rhys Thomas and directing duo Bert and Bertie, “Hawkeye” debuts exclusively on Disney+ on November 24, 2021.



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