2018 Sci-Tech Awards: Houdini Visual Effects and Animation System

Patrick Stewart presents an Academy Award of Merit to Mark Elendt and Kim Davidson, Side Effects Software for the creation and development of the Houdini visual effects and animation system.

Webseite: https://www.sidefx.com/

Patrick Stewart presents Scientific and Engineering Awards to Jeff Lait, Mark Tucker, Cristin Barghiel and John Lynch for their contributions to the design and architecture of the Houdini visual effects and animation system.

Webseite: https://www.sidefx.com/filmtv/products/BSI

Houdini Roadmap Presentation | SIGGRAPH 2016

In this presentation, Robert Magee, Senior Product Marketing Manager at SideFX, introduces the Houdini roadmap, a look into the Houdini of today and the Houdini of tomorrow. To explore this roadmap, Robert takes a look at key areas of Houdini and how they are being developed, then, sneak peeks some of the features you can expect in future releases.

Impressive: Houdini Customer Reel 2016

Zur Website: https://www.sidefx.com/

SideFX is proud to present the 2016 Demo Reel featuring the amazing work of Houdini customers worldwide. The shots in this reel are a small sampling of the creativity and hard work performed by the Houdini community of artists. Congratulations to all the artists and studios responsible for these fantastic shots!


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