8. Mai 2023 Johannes Wolters

FMX 2023: Designing for Impact | Panoply | FMX HIVE 2023

Simon Holmedal, a director at London-based design studio Panoply, as he takes you on a deep dive into his creative process. Using Houdini as his canvas, Simon will reveal the tools, techniques, and strategies he uses to create some of the most mesmerizing motion graphics and abstract effects in the industry. With a focus on the power of visual hierarchy, Simon will demonstrate how he creates clarity and impact in his designs, drawing on examples from his extensive portfolio of projects.

From ideation to execution, this talk will provide an exclusive look at how Simon and his team at Panoply bring their ideas to life, and how Houdini is used as a force multiplier, allowing for greater productivity and creative expression. Simon Holmedal is a Partner and Director at Panoply. Over the last few years he has worked on countless ambitious projects crossing and merging the borders of design and visual effects. He’s also a global leader in VFX led motion design, speaking at international conferences such as OFFF, UsByNight, Playgrounds and FMX about his exceptional love of anything procedural.

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