6. Mai 2023 Johannes Wolters

FMX 2023: Motion Mastery: 4D Facial Performance Capture, KineFX & PDG-Powered MoCap Pipeline | 3SISTERS

Join Daniel Shamota from 3SISTERS studio as he presents their clever and productive solution for optimizing character animation workflows, from developing the digital double of Sharon Stone through 4D volumetric performance capture to implementing a powerful PDG & KineFX-driven motion capture pipeline in Houdini. Explore how the studio efficiently handles large-scale projects with complex character work using Houdini and Unreal Engine, even with a relatively small team. Focusing on mocap and retargeting, discover the behind-the-scenes of the Universal Joy project, an immersive experience crafted entirely in Houdini and brought to life in Unreal. Learn how 3SISTERS leverages Houdini’s capabilities to develop advanced character animations for captivating virtual worlds.

Daniel Shamota is the CEO, lead 3D artist, and VFX supervisor of 3SISTERS, a multidisciplinary creative alliance based in Tel Aviv. Co-founded as a duet with Peter Filatov, who serves as the creative director and chief ideas generator, 3SISTERS has grown under their leadership. Boasting a solid foundation in 3D character art and performance capture, Daniel guides the talented team in pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Their diverse portfolio includes visual effects, virtual production, live performances, experience design, and music production.

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