7. Mai 2023 Johannes Wolters

FMX 2023: The Remesh Confluence | Jakub Spacek & James Lee | FMX HIVE 2023

The synthesis of Houdini and Unreal creates a robust workflow that enhances the design process by combining the strengths of abstract procedural design and FX with real-time rendering. With the two tools, artists can quickly iterate and adjust their designs, ensuring a dynamic and efficient design process. Combining Houdini and Unreal ultimately enables designers to create visually stunning and immersive experiences while streamlining the workflow and enhancing overall productivity.

Jakub Spacek and James Lee are a design duo based in London, specializing in blending creativity with CG and real-time content using Unreal and Houdini. With a unique fusion of artistic and technical skills, they continually push the boundaries of technology and design. The duo has expanded their artistic perception through collaborations with different studios, developing a deep passion for simulating abstract visions of real-world phenomena. Their work focuses on even the smallest subtleties of shape and motion, exploring how they can create immersive, pleasing, and meditative content that captivates the viewer. Through their designs, this duo continually challenges conventional methods and providing a unique perspective on the world around us.

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