2. Juni 2020 Johannes Wolters

Feinaki – Beijing Animation Week – Call For Entry!

Call For Entry!
1st June – 1st September 2020
Event Date: November 2020

Feinaki Beijing Animation Week is running for the second year as everybody hoped!

In the hardest time of COVID-19 pandemic, our team in Beijing is tenaciously working from home to keep our promise of bringing independent animators together, as to promote a more prosperous national ecosystem for animation creatives with international collaboration.

We believe the competition program with prizes is important to keep the independent animator community fresh and empowered, thus will be held every year including this year. International submission is open as usual and especially important in this turbulent time needing for global unity.

‘Feinaki’ is the transliterated spelling of the Phenakistoscope’s Chinese name “费那奇镜”, a name born from the cultural adaption of Chinese animation enthusiastics. We wish to inspire and encourage independent animation artists in China and unite international artist community for cultural exchange and collaborative innovation.

Click here to download this year’s regulation of competition program and the entry form:

Entry Form Submission: entry@feinaki.com

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