AI Safety Summit: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak holds press conference at AI summit

Rishi Sunak delivers closing remarks at the global summit on artificial intelligence (AI) in Bletchley Park on Thursday, 2 November. Ministers have convened governments from around the world alongside technology firms and civil society to discuss the risks of the advancing technology. The prime minister told the summit that world leaders have a „responsibility“ to address the dangers of AI, which he said had „transformative“ change but also brought the risk of bias and disinformation. Mr Sunak’s remarks come after more than 25 countries at the summit, including the United States and China, signed a „Bletchley Declaration“ on Wednesday saying countries needed to work together and establish a common approach to oversight on AI. Following his closing speech, Mr Sunak will meet Elon Musk at Downing Street. The billionaire, who co-founded the not-for-profit AI research company OpenAI, had attended this week’s summit. Mr Musk has described AI as potentially the “most pressing” existential risk to humans.

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