6. Februar 2019 Johannes Wolters

Berlin, 12.-17. Februar: Stop Motion Academy präsentiert „3. Boddinale Stop Motion Academy“

Die „Stop Motion Academy“ ist seit drei Jahren Teil des Boddinale Communtiy Movie Festivals in Berlin.
Marcus Grysczok, Student der Medienkunst/ Mediengestaltung an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, ist neben Martyna Koleniec der Gründer &
Initiator der „Academy“. Wir bringen Animation, Kunst & Menschen zusammen … in diesem Jahr  finden folgende Workshops statt:

3. Boddinale Stop Motion Academy
Berlin U Schlesisches Tor – flutgraben e.V.
am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin
apply via:  stopmotionacademy@posteo.de


11.02.2019 9:00 – 17:00

Lighting for Stop Motion Animation
by Ondřej Nedvěd – Cinematographer of the „The Kite“
Participants could learn about basics of theoretical and practical
aspects in lighting the stop-motion setup. They will earn practical
knowledge of setting the lights for stop-motion camera for basic
stop-motion scenography settings.
! 8 participants // 50€ per day http://ondrejned.tumblr.com/


Julia Peguet

12.02.-14.02.2019 9:00 – 17:00

Stop Motion Animation
by Julia Peguet – Animator Aardman Animations
This workshop will be based on three exercises, one per day. We
will cover strong body poses as well as time and space which are
the most crucial tools an animator has to convey meaning and
emotions to the spectator through their puppet. The exercise of the
last day is also a game. The aim is to have maximum fun while
! 10 participants // 50€ per day http://www.theotherjulia.com


15.02.-17.02 2019 9:00 – 17:00

Armature Building
by Roos Mattaar – Armature Builder John Wright Modelmaking
This three day armature building workshop will be an intensive
course on armature building for stop motion animation. The
participants will go away with a better understanding of industry
standard processes of armature fabrication, pros and cons of wire
and ball and socket armatures and what tools and materials are
needed for the different processes.
! 8 participants // 50€ per day http://www.roosmattaar.com


… ein paar letzte Plätze sind noch zu vergeben!

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