11. März 2019 Johannes Wolters

Berlin: 8th International Games and Playful Media Festival, April 10-13, 2019 A MAZE. / Berlin

Hey Johannes,

we’ve got exciting news for you:

181 submissions from 32 countries – that’s a load! Last week, the nominees for the A MAZE. / Berlin Awards have been chosen by the selection committee and the A MAZE. team.

And to get you in the right mood for fantastic 7 days full of games and joy, we have a brandnew gamesweekberlin teaser video for your eyes and ears.


From April 10-13, 2019 A MAZE. / Berlin will celebrate the international independent games and playful media scene. Since 2012, the heart of the festival are the A MAZE. Awards.

The winner is selected by an interdisciplinary, international and 100% independent jury. We extended and changed awards in the many years since, our categories are now:

  • “Most Amazing Award”
  • “Human Human Machine Award”
  • “Long Feature Award”
  • “Digital Moment Award”
  • “Explorer Award” and
  • “Audience Award”

In 2019, a international selection committee of about 50 people and the A MAZE. team reviewed 181 submissions from 32 countries.

Hit the link to see which 25 games made it on the shortlist:
A MAZE. / Berlin Awards – The Nominees

The gamesweekberlin 2019 from April 8-14 is getting closer and closer. Get a foretaste with this trailer and come by next month to learn, connect, party and play! More information: www.gamesweekberlin.com — The gamesweekberlin is the leading cross-industry communication and networking platform for games business, development and culture in Europe. Over seven days, the umbrella brand combines multiple events for industry representatives and game enthusiasts alike. In 2018 about 15.000 international and German game developers, publishers, investors and multipliers from public institutions and the media industry as well as gamers, families and fans came to Berlin. The gamesweekberlin connects a variety of events, including the games business and development conference QUO VADIS, the independent video games festival A MAZE. / Berlin, the public playing event, Gamefest, the VIP Matchmaking Dinner and as special highlight the action program for more gender diversity in games: Womenize! Games and Tech. Partners of the gamesweekberlin are represented in an overall communication complex, including visibility in all participating events. Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg supports many of the individual events. The gamesweekberlin was founded and is hosted by Booster Space.

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