17. März 2021 Johannes Wolters

Bristol: Gutsy Animations UK sucht Assistant Director!


Role: Assistant Director

Gutsy Animations UK is looking for an Assistant Director to join the team for series 03 of its award-winning animated series Moominvalley.  The primary role of the Assistant Director is to support the series Directors with briefs and approvals whilst working with in-house departments and also with our external animation partner. Specifically, the Assistant Director will liaise with all departments to ensure communication flows smoothly across the production resulting in the most efficient workflow possible. This 9 month role will be based in our studio in Bristol (when government restrictions on travel are lifted) although we anticipate a flexible role with some working from home.

Key responsibilities:

  • Assist Directors with layout, animation and L&C reviews to ensure quality control and performance consistency. Interpret the Directors’ needs and provide constructive feedback to the crew
  • Work closely with in-house production & overseas production supervisors to problem solve and help prioritise workload through production stages to achieve strongest output in time available
  • Work closely with the Director to help translate their vision and the narrative accurately to the screen
  • Provide holiday cover for the Directors across all episodes
  • Assist in-house production to develop and oversee technical and creative pipelines between departments

This list is not exhaustive and might be complemented by reasonable and related tasks that are requested of you.

Key requirements:

  • Excellent communicator
  • Thorough knowledge of the CG series workflow and pipeline
  • Shotgun knowledge would be advantageous but not essential
  • Experience in leading departments to deliver on a Director vision
  • Positive attitude and desire to support crew
  • Experience in a similar role on CG series essential
  • Experience and knowledge of character animation and storytelling

Please send a CV and covering letter to crew@gutsy.fi

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