5. Oktober 2023 Johannes Wolters

Cardiff Animation Nights Online #20

To enable English subtitles just press the ‚CC‘ in the corner of the video.

All the films screened tonight were submitted and are eligible for the Cardiff Animation Nights Award in December! If you would like to submit a film head over to https://www.cardiffanimation.com/can

Films Screened:
Woolly with Magic by Jo Jo Lau
DIAPHRAGM by Robson Cavalcante
Under The Endless Sky by Alexandra Dzhiganskaya
Pulse At The Centre Of Being by Tsz-wing Ho
Squab by Olivia Timms
How to Dance Confidently by Ian Cibic
Painkiller by Llecu Non
Limerence by Sydney Task
RoadKill Jamboree by Meghan G Graham
Cloudy by Joshua Pereira

Advisory 15+

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