11. Juni 2016 Johannes Wolters

Cartoon Forum 2016: Projekte mit deutscher Beteiligung (4/8): Sir Mouse

Wärt Ihr ein Fernsehredakteur, würdet Ihr das Projekt kaufen für Euren Sender? Wärt Ihr Repräsentanten von Netflix, Amazon oder Co., wäre dies etwas für Euer Programm?

Cartoon Forum is a pitching & co-pro forum for animated TV projects. For 3 days, producers have the opportunity to pitch their project in front of 900 broadcasters, investors and other potential partners from 30 countries.

Für 2016 wurden 80 Projekte ins Programm genommen, davon zeigen wir hier die acht Projekte mit deutscher Beteiligung!

TV series – 26 x 7′

Children 6-8


Belgium / Germany

„Sir Mouse“ is a series about the unusual friendship between Mouse and her best friend Dragon. Mouse is an obnoxious, bossy, pompous character who lives under the delusion that she is a knight. Everything she says and does comes from the conviction that she is a brave knight who will stop at nothing. Gentle and patient Dragon endures all Mouse’s stubbornness; she knows better than anyone how to deal with her. Each episode tells a daring tale about these two girls as they, with a modern feminist twist, challenge our preconceptions of all the existing fairy tale clichés. Despite the conflict Mouse creates with her domineering character, the main tone of the stories is warm and ends with a hug.


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