1. August 2020 Johannes Wolters

Cartoon Forum 2020 Projects (1/86): AGUS & MONSTERS 52x 11´

* The co-production event for animation series will be held in Toulouse 14-17 September 2020.
* 90 new animation series from 24 European countries included in the line-up of the event.


TV series – 52 x 11′

Children 6-11

2D Computer


Agus Pianola’s life would be very normal if it weren’t for the ten monsters living in his bedroom. Agus shares this secret with Lidia, his good friend, while he makes his parents believe the monsters are cuddly toys. However, the monsters are clearly far from being mere cuddly toys. Each one of them has a speciality (reading, food, animals, recycling, holes…) and together they act as a genuine team in which fun, empathy and good vibes are always guaranteed.



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