2. Oktober 2018 Johannes Wolters

Comedy Central ANIMATION:

  • Animated shorts that are one to three minutes in length.
  • Creators who are passionate about telling comedic stories in the animated space.
  • Super funny, culturally relevant, relatable and provocative stories that are visually appealing, feature compelling characters and speak to our Comedy Central audience.
  • Stories that start from a grounded place and are based around relationship dynamics, whether it’s an ad hoc family or a group of friends or colleagues. We’re also open to any genre if your short has a strong comedic backbone and speaks to our brand filters of super funny, relevant, relatable and provocative.
  • Any and all styles and techniques of animation — including 2-D, digital 2-D, CG, stop-motion or mixed media — are OK.

A storyboard or other visual representation of your one-to-three minute story is required. We are open to however you want to present your pitch as long as it’s accompanied by visuals. Basically, we want to see your pitch and be able to say, “We love this. Let’s make it!” and then quickly start executing your vision.

Options include, but are not limited to: ​

  • A rough beat board (prov​iding the key beats of the story)
  • A full storyboard (thumbnail, rough or cleaned up)
  • A comic or picture book
  • An animatic

Click NEXT to review our submission release form, and then you will be asked to fill out our submission form. Thanks!



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