7. März 2017 Johannes Wolters

Das neue Poster für Annecy 2017

For the upcoming event, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market organisers called on Kevin Manach and Ugo Bienvenu to create the official poster.

Both alumni from GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, the young artists work as a duo most of the time. Their collaborations are easily recognisable thanks to their contemporary experimental style inspired by comic books from the 40s and 50s.

Being illustrators, animators and filmmakers, these two talents express themselves just as well through music videos (Jabberwocky, Renart, Agoria), as through their award-winning short films (Une île, Vésuves, Maman…) and have recently ventured into the commercial world (Hermès, Marvel/Disney, etc.).

Although they’re currently working on Domenica, a major feature film for Miyu Productions that’s still under development, they took the time to design and illustrate the poster for Annecy 2017.

We asked Bienvenu & Manach about the source of inspiration behind their sweet and sticky creation, „When we heard about this year’s highlighted themes (China as guest country and erotica), we immediately thought of Jade, Ugo’s wife who has Chinese roots.
We stared at her through the bay window: she was eating a ham sandwich out back in the garden.
We replaced the sandwich with an ice-cream cone, the garden with Lake Annecy, and voila!

As for the poster’s typography, it was created by Christian Debbane. To learn more about their style, take a look at their Tumblr account.

Check out the poster

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