2. Oktober 2023 Johannes Wolters


For more detail have a look at the Website: https://dnunion.info/

For even more discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/vfx/comments/16v4oj8/dneg_is_unionizing/

We have begun the process to form a union at DNEG!

Together, we the artists, the production teams, the supervisors, the developers and the support teams are coming together to form a union.

To successfully form this union, we need our fellow DNEG employees to sign IATSE VFX Union Support Cards.

The goal of this site is to announce our intentions, so anyone within the VFX industry who supports this effort can spread the word far and wide.

Due to the overwhelming interest and to assist with this process, IATSE are forming two new IATSE VFX Local union branches.

  • Local 402 (British Columbia)
  • Local 401 (all other Canadian territories)


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