30. Oktober 2023 Johannes Wolters

Espinho, Portugal: CINANIMA |🎬 Have you met the jury members for Cinanima 2023? 🎬

CINANIMA is almost ready to come back. We’re excited to see each other again. But, first of all, let us begin the countdown to the Festival by introducing this year’s panel of judges…

International Short Film Competition  

Without much description, let’s get straight to the point…This is the panel that will make the difficult decision in the Short Film Competition, which features 56 films:

Alberto Vázquez (Spain) – Animated Film Director. His film „Unicorn Wars“ was part of CINANIMA 2022’s Open Jump. His films have received four Goya Awards (two for Best Animated Film and two for Best Animated Short Film);

Britt Raes (Belgium) – Animation Director, illustrator, Screenwriter and Animation Teacher;

Jim Van Der Keyl (USA) – Director and Animator who worked for Disney for several years, participating in films such as „The Little Mermaid“, „Puss in Boots“, „Kung Fu Panda“, „Shrek“, „Looney Tunes“, among others.

João Gonzalez (Portugal) – Portuguese Film Director. He was the first Portuguese to be nominated for an Oscar with his film „Ice Merchants“;

– Maria Anestopolou (Greece) – Director of the AnimaSyros International Animated Film Festival;

International Feature Film Competition

This category is distinguished in this edition by outstanding works and extraordinary diversity. They will evaluate the 5 Feature Films. The work will not be easy, so we will rely on this extraordinary trio for sound judgement:

Andrea Bauer (Germany) – Member of the ITFS Festival (Stuttgart International Animated Film Festival);

Igor Prassel (Slovenia) – Founder and Director of the ANIMATEKA Festival (Slovenia);

Priit Tender (Estonia) – Director and Animator with several awards;

International Student Film Competition

34 short films have been selected for the International Student Competition. The jury members that will be tasked with judging the brilliant inventions in this competition are:

– Nikola Majdak (Serbia) – Director and Animator;

– Tessa Moult-Milewska (United Kingdom) – Director and Animator, winner of this competition at CINANIMA 2022;

– Wiola Sowa (Poland) – Director and Animator;

National Competition

Here are the names of those who will investigate the creative treasure of our national filmmakers with a discriminating eye and a huge passion for animation and determine the winner of the António Gaio Award and the Young Portuguese Director Award:

– Anders Narverud Moen (Norway) – Director of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival;

– João Levezinho (Portugal) – Illustrator and Animator. Winner of the Young Portuguese Director Award CINANIMA 2022;

– Regina Machado (Portugal) – Director of Casa da Animação.

You can find out more about each Jury by visiting our website. To simplify the task, all you have to do is click here. 😉

One of CINANIMA’s most important missions is to develop film literacy among children and young people. „CINANIMA goes to Schools“ offers, for free, six programs of short films, appropriate to each teaching level (elementary schools, middle school, high school) and the viewing of over 60 films in the classroom, libraries or school auditoriums. Scripts are made available to support the teacher.

You can find out more about this initiative here.

See you soon

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