10. Dezember 2020 Johannes Wolters

European Film Awards 2020: European Visual Effects 2020: INAKI MADARIAGA


Iñaki Madariaga for THE PLATFORM

The well-crafted visual effects in THE PLATFORM create a very dark and immersive environment. They help the story just like the central platform that goes into infinity above and below. Thanks to the visual effects by Iñaki Madariaga, the platform becomes an entity of its own. The creativity of the solution is simple yet astonishing in its minimalistic expression which creates an unforgettable emotional and visual experience.



Inside a vertical prison system, inmates are assigned to a level and forced to ration food from a platform that moves between the floors. Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, The Platform is a twisted social allegory about mankind at its darkest and hungriest.

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