22. September 2021 Johannes Wolters

Even Mice Belong in Heaven | 2021 | UK Trailer | Family Adventure

Am 5. Oktober um 15 Uhr im Abaton Hamburg anläßlich des Filmfest Hamburg

I mysi patrí do nebe

Even Mice Belong in Heaven is a visually delightful stop-motion animation which will delight audiences with its charm and beautiful story of hope and courage.

Following an accident, little mouse Whizzy and and the fox Whitebelly meet up in animal paradise. In this new world, they must relinquish their old animal instincts and follow a path to a new life. Having lost their natural instincts, they subsequently become best friends and overcome what would normally be hailed impossible.


JAN BUBENÍČEK (*1976) and DENISA GRIMMOVÁ (*1976) both studied at the Academy of Musical Arts (FAMU) in Prague. Since then they realized several short films specializing in cartoon and puppet animation.

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