21. Juli 2021 Johannes Wolters

Framestore & Bournemouth University are looking for research fellows to drive the future of visual effects!  

Centre for Applied Creative Technologies (CfACTs) will recruit six funded post-doctoral researchers (CfACTs fellows) and embed them in UK creative technology companies for up to two years, to deliver multi-disciplinary research focused on industrial applications related to three BU Strategic Investment Areas: Animation, Simulation and Visualisation; Medical Science and Assistive Technology.

In partnership with Bournemouth University, we’re looking for two research fellows to drive the future of visual effects!

Framestore is an Oscar-winning creative powerhouse, and you’ll have direct access to its world-leading teams, tech and software as part of a two-year programme of world leading research on either:

– Applying Machine Learning to Solve VFX Light Transport Situations
– Learned Resolution, Independent Rendering for Feature Films

You’ll need a doctoral degree, a first-class mind, and a passion for innovation. Since your research will help push the boundaries of visual storytelling, a love for film and TV wouldn’t hurt, either.

Apply by 22nd August, for more information visit: https://www.bournemouth.ac.uk/research/centres-institutes/centre-applied-creative-technologies

The CfACTs fellows will research and develop new applied digital creative techniques, collaboratively with industry; and apply their research cross-sectorally for various applications including but not limited to, computer animation, visual effects (VFX), computer vision, visualisation, healthcare, retail and assistive technology.

The CfACTs fellows are expected to be seconded into one or more POs for the majority of their two-year programme with full academic and industry support to gain cross-sectoral experience.

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