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Free Registration: The RealTime Conference returns, Monday, April 26 to Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Join us for The ealTime Conference, returning for 3 days,
Monday, April 26 through Wednesday, April 28, 2021 featuring the theme “Merging Physical and Digital Worlds – The Rise of the Metaverse.”

• Key Sponsors include Epic Games‘ Unreal Engine, NVIDIA, HP, Foundry, Khronos Group, and more.
• 6,500 + participants from 100+ Countries are expected to join!
• Over 14 hours of live streaming nonstop per day, following the sun and bringing together keynote speakers from India, Europe, the U.S., New Zealand, Australia and beyond, we will explore New Workplaces – New Workflows – New Ways of Working/Living, Alone Together.
• To support the Real-Time Community in times of pandemic, registration is free again this year

This title is a tribute to SciFi author Neal Stephenson, whose novel Snow Crash described a three-dimensional space where avatars interact in real-time. It’s also an homage to our dear friends at LucasArts, who developed Habitat in 1985, the very first massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) on Quantum Link, an online service for the Commodore 64. Visionaries.But above all, it is a recognition that the future is now. The pandemic has accelerated the merging of the physical and digital worlds and the metaverse is all around us.

Neil Trevett, President of Khronos Group and VP Developer Ecosystem at NVIDIA will give the opening keynote on Building the Metaverse One Standard at a Time. 3D digital and virtual spaces are becoming ubiquitous across education, work, and entertainment. This is the rise of the metaverse: digitally enhanced physical reality and actively inhabited virtual spaces. The metaverse is being built with four key components: hardware, web, assets, and applications. The pace of innovation requires cross-industry alignment on a constellation of standards, guidelines and best practices to enable the consistent creation and distribution of scalable cross-platform 3D and XR content. This presentation brings together perspectives on each area, drawn from the open standards working groups striving to build the metaverse, and framing our focus on the metaverse we increasingly live in.

Speaking of NVIDIA, a Real-Time Live Demo of NVIDIA Omniverse, powered by HP ZCentral, will demonstrate the power of cutting-edge remote collaboration tools.

Marc Petit, VP and General Manager of Unreal Engine at Epic Games, will give a keynote devoted to Collaborative Work in Creative Industries. This keynote will be followed by a panel of CEOs reflecting on the feedback from a year of pandemic. Where will the industry go from here? Is the future of collaboration virtual?


We will bring together Architects who contribute to the creation of better working/living physical and virtual environments. We will question how the language of cinema and games influences architects in their quest to create the ultimate virtual/physical workplace we can all live in. And of course, we will discover the cutting-edge tools facilitating collaborative design, which has flourished as we all work from home.

Retail & 3D Commerce

On the Retail and 3D Commerce front, we will discuss The Efforts to Standardize 3D Commerce Asset Creation, Redefining The Luxury Automotive Purchase Experience, and Creating a Custom Retail Virtual Showroom in Under 10 Minutes.

Virtual Production

Virtual Production Is Dead. Long Live Virtual Production!  Virtual Production is no longer a rarity but a norm in many studios. A Framestore Special Event will bring together Theo Jones – VFX Supervisor, Karl Woolley – Global Real-Time Director, Tim Webber – Chief Creative Officer, Grant Bolton – Lead Technical Director – Engine, Nestor Prado – Realtime Supervisor, to present how traditional VFX techniques are laying out the future of real-time filmmaking. A panel hosted by Dan Ring, Head of Research at Foundry, will discuss pipeline integration, and how roles and tasks are shifting in support of the virtual production processes around LED walls and virtual art departments.

Animation & Entertainment

How is real-time transforming animation in the commercial and entertainment spheres?
Join Michele Sciolette – CTO and Hank Driskill – Head of CG for Feature Animation at Cinesite and Patrick Osborne – Animator & Director at Nexus Studios to find out!

XR & Live Broadcast Shows

Merging Physical and Digital Worlds Seamlessly | XR & Live Broadcast Shows will bring together Marco Tempest – Creative Technologist – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, for a keynote entitled: Inventing the Impossible. Previsualizing the Future with Magic. Tupak Martir – Creative Director – Satore Studio will discuss Performative-R: A New Way of Storytelling. Salvador Zalvidea – VFX Supervisor – Cinesite will tell us more about Photoreal Environments in Unreal Engine for Large LED Walls.

Digital Humans

Digital Humans are at home at RTC! Epic’s MetaHuman Creator had the effect of a bomb in the real-time community. Building on the Spring 2020 keynote by Vladimir Mastilović, Epic Games’ VP of Digital Humans Technology, we will explore MetaHuman Creator’s Impact on Virtual Production, Storytelling & Prototyping.

Digital Fashion

Matthew Drinkwater – Head of Innovation Agency – London College of Fashion, Guillaume Gouraud & Alexis Arragon – Co-Founders – Stylé, and Sallyann Houghton – Innovation Lab London, New Business – Epic Games, will tell us more about New Real-Time Reality for Digital Fashion.

Real-Time in the Cloud | Pixel Streaming

While “AI” supplanted “cloud” as a buzzword in the past few years, the need for “remote from home” solutions created by the pandemic brought the cloud back to the forefront and accelerated its deployment and adoption by all kinds of businesses. In Cloud-Based Real-Time Applications: From Today’s Hurdles to Tomorrow’s Possibilities | Pixel Streaming – Successes and Challenges, a panel of cloud & streaming experts will discuss the challenges to developing real-time applications in the cloud today and where they see the technology going in the next 5 years.

New Real-Time Reality for Sports

Enhanced Experiences | New Real-Time Reality for Sports will bring together James Dean – CEO – ESL UK / WEAVR and Solomon Roger – CEO – REWIND / WEAVR to explore how real time technology is revolutionizing the fan experience to unlock new forms of monetization in competitive live entertainment. Shaun Carrigan – Director of Product & Experience – Intel Sports will explain how Intel True View transforms massive amounts of volumetric video data from dozens of cameras into stunning replays of the biggest moments in football, basketball, and soccer. Luke Ritchie – Head of Interactive Arts – Nexus Studios will give a talk entitled Home or Away : Enhancing the Game Day Experience Through Real-Time.

You can find much more about our program on our website.

Don’t forget to register as soon as possible. Registration is open and it’s free!


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